Anyone used an SME IV with VPI Aries 2?

Anyone used an SME IV with a VPI Aries 2? I'm looking at both of these. Are there design mismatches here or are the SME arms good on any type of table?
Pretty much any arm will be compatible with a high-mass, un-sprung table like the Aries. Problems can arise when you start pairing various arms with sprung tables, like the Linns.

I have a good friend running an SME IV on a TNT. It works very well.
Thank you Raquel. I had a TNT 3.5 with a JMW 10 arm. It worked well too, but it came that way and I never had an occasion to experiment with other arms. How about cartridges? Is your friend using the Dynavector VX-1 or VX-1s? It seems that a lot of people like this cartridge with the SME IV.
Yes, exactly, a Dynavector VX-1s. I'll alert him to your thread.

I run the original Aries with a JMW 10.5 arm and van den Hul Frog.
Gfloyd53, I'm the guy Raquel mentioned. I also had a VPI TNT 3.5 with the JMW-10 tonearm. I ran it with a van den Hul Frog for several years - until May, that is, when I swapped out the JMW-10/Frog for the SME IV and Dynavector XV-1s. The SME IV arm works perfectly with the turntable, and the sound of the new tonearm/cartridge combination significantly surpasses that of the JMW-10/Frog.

If VPI can get you an arm board for the Aries 2 that is machined to accept the SME IV, I would not have any reservation about going in that direction.
Hello again Raquel.
I used a Van den Hul Frog on my TNT 3.5 with JMW 10. Then I upgraded to the Van den Hul Black Beauty. Fantastic! If it hadn't been for financial hardship-- I never would have sold the Black Beauty.

I checked my Music Direct catalog and they don't list that model (VX-1s)although they do sell Dynavector. Is it a current model?
Yes, the XV-1s is a current production model cartridge. It is Dynavector's top of the line cartridge.

Link to Dynavector Web Site

Once you launch the web page, click the picture of the cartridge on the top at the left side of the screen.

I just looked at my Music Direct catalog (titled "Catalog 2005"), and the XV-1s cartridge is listed in that catalog.
Thanks for the info. I checked out the the Dynavector site and Music Direct's online catalog. The XV-1s is listed in their online catalog. Just not in the small sale catalog I have.
$4000.00 WOW! That price reminds me of the TNT/JMW 10/VDH Black Beauty world I had to give up. Is there a cheaper cartridge recommended for the SME IV? I would probably upgrade the cartridge later on, if I could afford it.
Dear Gfloyd53: The Sumiko Celebration.
Btw, the SME tonearm was used to do the " voicing " of this cartridge.
So the Sumiko Celebration/SME IV is a great match combo.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Gfloyd53, in addition to the Sumiko Celebration, you might also consider the Shelter line of cartridges. I have heard that those cartridges pair well with the SME tonearms. The Shelter 90X is the best cartridge in the line, followed by the 901, and then the 501. Retail prices are $2,700, $1,500, and $800, respectively.
Thanks Rauliruegas and Cincy bob. The Sumiko Celebration and the Shelter cartridges are on my short list.
Would the Benz Micro Ruby 2 be a good match with my Aries 2 and SME IV? How would it compare to the Sumiko Celebration or the Shelter 901?