Anyone use the phono input on the VK Design VK-1?

As I understand it there is a phono input included on the VK-1 Mk.2. Does anyone know what the specifications of this are i.e., loading, gain etc.? Has anyone actually used this phono input and if so what were your impressions? How does it compare to other phono stages you've used?

Many thanks in advance for your help.
The VS-1 Mk. 2 phono stage accepts any high output moving coil or moving magnet cartridge. It is exceptionally quiet and very dynamic. I have not compared it to other phono stages, but it certainly sounds very nice in my system.
Many thanks for the information. Does it provide you with a way to change the loading, or is it set at 47K ohms for MM? My cart needs to be loaded down to 100 ohms.