Anyone use Stereo trading outlet cables?

I want to help modestly upgrade my parents basic HT system. I see Stereo Trading Outlet advertises here and they have some bargain s-video and RCA interconnects under $50.00. I would take some other brand recommendations as well. Just trying to use something better than what came with the components that cut outside interference.
A lot of people like the moderately priced cables sold by

Another moderately priced favorite are those by LAT International...
FOR RCA's, you might want to give a look at NEAR SOTA cables. I DIY'd a pair of IC's using Eichmann Plugs and have been impressed with the sound. From my understanding, it is a "better" clone of the OTA labs cable. Relatively cheap too. Larry sells cable and also finished product.

Alot of people also mention Signal cables quite a bit as being very good value. Audioquest is another name, AudioAdvisor offers these.