Anyone use Proac speaker cables ?

If so how do you like them .
I brought them to use with my various ProAc speakers and found them lacking. They did not improve the sound over the Home Depot 12 gauge speaker wire I was using. Sold them off, long ago. Your experience could be different so only buy them with a return being possible.
I remember years ago in one of the mags the reviewer talking about Home Depot extension cords being good. Is that what you are referring to ? Or just 12 gauge speaker wire sold there ?
Lowes has 40' and 50' extension cords in various colors to match your deck and your house. These extension cords are 16/3. Clip the green (ground) wire and use the white and black for positive and negative. It is efficient wire and hard to find anything wrong with the sound for a peanuts price. Give it a try you might like it.