Anyone use Next Acoustics room treatments?

Found this company online and am curious about their sound absorbing foam products. It was started by the ex-Auralex guys. Has anyone used their stuff?

Next Acoustics

Foam is inherently less effective than other materials such as compressed fiberglass, mineral wool and cotton.

Sorry, my link didn't work. Here's the URL:

"If you’re at all unsure about our test numbers, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll e-mail you the test results."

Why not post them on the website?

Thanks Kal, you bring up a good point. Anyone else have any experience with Next Acoustics, or acoustical foam in general?

Foam is frequency selective. I have used ASC for years with excellent results. However, many audiophiles look for alternatives because ASC is expensive, but you get what you pay for.
"'If you’re at all unsure about our test numbers, drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll e-mail you the test results.'

Why not post them on the website?"

E-mailed them last Tuesday for specs. Haven't heard back. I guess I will try the phone sometime tomorrow.

I tried emailing them also, but never got a response.

I was able to talk to them (Dave Paxton) on the phone, and he was very helpful with suggestions about the best way to treat my room. He even suggested I send in a sketch of my room and he'd look at it and give me the best solution.

But after some research and Kal's suggestions, I ended up going a different route, and got some DIY frames and cotton insulation. I'm quite happy with the results.

I placed an online order December 24th, 2018, it's status is still awaiting fullfillment. I have placed calls, left messages, sent emails, posted on Facebook, sent a message via their website and I have not received any communications what so ever. They took my money immediately. I am now left to pursue other means to get my money back.
Hopefully you used PayPal or a credit card.If so they will get your $ back for you.
A reputable company to check out in the future is GIK acoustics.