Anyone use Kef 104.2 speakers with a REL subwoofer

I have a pair of Kef 104.2 and I wanted to get the bass extension through the REL which I read is a teriffic subwoofer.

The Kefs sound so clean and clear that I am scared that a sub will muddy the sound.

From what I hear what others say about REL subs, you should not be too concerned about a muddied bass. Provided of course you configure it properly and take a few pro-active steps.

To help ensure the REL remains well defined for the lowest regions, you might consider auditioning some Audio Points from Star Sound to replace whatever footers already on the REL.

In addition, you might consider auditioning some Audience interconnects to use with the REL.

Audience has three ic lines and even their most inexpensive line carries their same technology to minimize/eliminate time-smear.

Amazing what bass sounds like without the time-smear effects so commonly found in most interconnect and speaker cables.

Although I use Star Sound Technologies products, including Systrum Platforms and Audio Points for all of my components, including under my Avalon Arcus loudspeakers, the use of spikes is not necessarily a good thing when using RELs, according to the following information found on their website.

Other Tips: Generally speaking, do not use the supplied spikes. RELs work on the principle of the driver in a high-pressure zone relative to the floor. Spiking the REL will decouple the woofer from the floor, which will lean out the bass response. If the floor is older, very “springy” floor, spikes can be useful in reducing the influence of the REL on the floor. But better yet, a heavy stone slab placed under the REL will work better. Even if you intend to use the spikes, do NOT insert them until completion of the set-up process.

As always, YMMV.
If you'll take the time to integrate them properly, a REL sub will go well with almost any speaker.
Yes, actually with a Q150E, the results are stunning, midband becomes lots clearer, bass extension is tremendous but you have to take a bit of time to set the sub up, roll off for the KEFs needs to be set @ 45 on the sub. Worth every penny.