Anyone use Forte Model 4a in bridged mode?

I see the Forte Model 4a has balanced inputs.

Could the inverting input of one channel be used to bridge the amp safely?

Anyone try this?
Perhaps you might just look for a pair of Model 7's?
I have a Forte Model 4a. I was not aware that it could be used in a bridged mode. I don't believe that there are any rear (or front) panel switches for that purpose. It is a really sweet 50 wpc class A amplifier. I use mine in the summer months to keep the house from getting too hot (I use my Atma-Sphere's the rest of the time). I'm probably a "fuddy duddy" in that I find 50-60 wpc just fine for my listening tastes(and I have a large listening room, too). When I was younger, I did bridge some Hafler amps (135 w/c stereo mode, and 400 w/c bridged mono), and found that bi-amping in stereo gave a much smoother sound, The bridged amp mode played a LITTLE louder, but was much more "etched" and harsh sounding. (Just my 2 cent rant on "bridging"). Happy Listening,