Anyone use/care to comment on the Pro-ject VC-E RCM?

As my small album collection grows I have been investigating different RCMs.  I would love to get an ultra sonic but will save that for somewhere down the line.  Right now I have a somewhat cumbersome washing regimen involving the basement sink, multiple towels, etc.  It actually works fairly well but definitely need a better solution.  Up pops this little unit at a good price with pretty much overall very positive reviews.  I really like the fact that it is aluminum instead of wood.  I have seen a few older wood models that are starting to come apart at the seams - literally.  


Anyway, just looking for any user comments if possible.  I think I will pop in to Music Direct later this week and pick one up.  




FWIW its always helpful to post a link to the product you are asking about. If you are going for a vacuum machine, Record Doctor is the way to go.

Take your pick

OP, I too would be curious to hear the thoughts on the VC-E. While the Record Doctor suggested above probably can do the job, it requires two things that are not an issue for the VC-E. Those are the user has to manually turn the record and the other is that the record is vacuumed from underneath, requiring a wet record to sit on top of the machine facing down. Whether these are problems for the user is an individual choice, but the VC-E is IMO a more complete solution.

It looks better than my Nitty Gritty but this blows it away for 1/2 the price. Do whatever floats your trigger.

artemus, here is the link:

I have looked at the record doctor and for a little more money I am leaning towards the Pro-ject.  I prefer the aluminum body and, as davey mentioned, the vacuuming from underneath seems awkward.  In it's favor, the hand turning doesn't bother me.  Less moving parts to break down right? 


fuzztone, I have looked into those inexpensive US machines also.   Still considering one.

Thanks for the replies