Anyone use auto lifters? Opinions

I must be getting lazy in my old age. I keep wishing someone would raise my tonearm for me. Sometimes you are just involved in something and putting it down to lift the tonearm is a pain. There are several auto lifters on the market. Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they work reliably and are they easy enough to trip that you do not have to worry about you tonearm and cartridge?

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Thanx for the help. It seems like the AT unit gets the best reviews. It is also pricey at $129 amazon prime. The Qup is rather large and certainly will not fit on my SOTA. It might on the SME but I tend to us the SOTA more.There are several versions of the AT lift from a cheaper Chinese version to the Little Fwend which is almost twice the price. Has anybody used the Expressimo Audio lifter? I love the simplicity of design and it looks like it will fit anywhere. It goes for $100.  

Sleepwalker65, the audiophile community shunned automated tonearms thinking that the mechanisms would cause a deterioration in sound quality. Plus many audiophiles want to mix and match tonearms and tables making mechanized tonearms impossible. Stacking records was considered an absolute no no. I think an automated turntable with excellent performance could be done but the market just is not big enough to support it. All those folks interested in convenience are just streaming and have no interest in vinyl. But we know better:) 
Sleepwalker, Dual made some pretty fine automated turntables. You could put any cartridge you liked in them. The optical trip is very cool. You could imagine a lift designed around an optical sensor but it would be expensive.
Guys, thanks for joining in. I pulled the trigger and ordered an Expressimo. If the Q-up would have fit on my table I would have ordered that. I will report back on it. May be junk. I love living life dangerously.
I did have a lift in the early 80s. It was the same type of mechanism as the Tru Lift. After several years of use the trip wire slot wore to the point that the thing would trip itself intermittently. I would suppose that problem has been designed out by now. 
Sleepwalker, I meant a stand alone optical lift you could use on any turntable. 
Jameswei, I see on the internet people put a little strip of the soft side of Velcro on the arm where it contacts the tonearm. I would think that would get rid of the "clunk." I shall see as I ordered one off their web site.
I will certainly do that but I am a little mift. I have not heard anything from the Expressimo web site regarding my purchase. These lift are only available now from this web site. I used Paypal to pay for it so I am protected.I have not had even a confirmation of the sale which is a little unusual now a days.