Anyone use Audiogon "Wanted" Ads Success?

Do these work? Whenever I list something to sell, checking the Wanted section first doesn't even occur to me and I was wondering if that was normal.

It's worth the question now that they charge $6 to list one of these.
Wish they were still free, half the fun on agon was the wanted section. Posted 1 once and felt like I had a bullseye taped to my forehead...silly offers at full retail and in 1 case even higher.
The "wanted" ads are great for miscellaneous items that may be sought after, but not usually found posted. For example, I recently replaced my polycrystal rack's top shelf with a large acrylic base for my new turntable. I shoved the polycrystal shelf into the closet not thinking that it was worth posting an ad for. A couple weeks ago, I saw that a member posted a "wanted" for a top shelf exactly like the one I was storing. So, I sold it to him and both parties are now happy. Worked for him; worked for, yes they work! I do feel that $6 is a bit steep for this type of ad, though.
Yes, when they were still free.

Perhaps $3 to post a wanted and $3 to answer?
When they were free, I used them a couple times and they did work well. I assume they must still work well today since the seller doesn't have to pay to reply.

Has worked for me in the past for hard to find items.
Well, I just posted one, we'll see what happens!
Good luck. I've had much success with the wanted ads years ago, when they were free. Both as a buyer and a seller. Nowadays there doesn't seem to be much use for them. Of course a blind squirrel still finds an acorn every now and then, but overall the wanted ads are not nearly as useful as they use to be.

Happy hunting,
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They worked for me, here and at AA.

Pawlowski6132, yes it's the off season until the weather forces us all indoors.
The few times I tried them they didn't work at all so to pay for them now doesn't make much sense for me based on past performance.
They can take a while to produce, but have always worked.
Haven't posted any but have answered two. Made successful sale both times.
I have responded to one and the whole thing went flawlessly. I rarely look at them though.
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I had an interesting experience with a recent wanted ad for a pair of speakers. Within a day of posting, 2 pairs listed for sale out of the blue, had not seen a pair for months on the board. Then one of these sellers, after I contacted him, changed his listing, pushed his price up etc. Another person contacted me and wanted to sell his 'new' pair for about 3% less than a dealer had priced a new pair for me. Others quoted prices higher than retail....and so forth. I was amazed at the number of people who (if they are to be believed) bought speakers from a dealer, never opened them and decided to sell them on......yeah right. Whoever above said it was like having a bullseye on your head echoed my experience. I did also get some decent offers too so you need to be prepared to deal with all types.