Anyone use Audio Physic Avanti III?

Hi, does anyone have experience with Audio Physic speakers and the Avanti III? I just heard this speaker at my dealer and they sounded great. Warm yet detailed. Great soundstage. I dont know anything about this company. What associated gear do people use with their Audio Physic speakers? What do you like/dislike about them? What should I be aware of when considering Audio Physics? I heard the Avanti III with BAT pre and amp. I am leaning towards using Ayre components. Does anyone see anything wrong with this setup?

Thanks in advance.
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The Avanti III appears to be a VERY highly regarded speaker. There are several owners who have posted here on Audiogon, and they're a very happy bunch, it seems. Here's a link to another thread where the question about whether the Audio Physic line was "bright" or "forward".
Audio Physic Discussion
The sense I got from the owners who posted was that the answer is "no". Detailed perhaps, but not annoyingly bright, from what I've read. I once heard the old, three box Calderas, and they were phenomenal. So, although I haven't personally heard the Avanti III's, it's hard for me to envision anyone seriously regretting having purchased them.
I've used Audio Physic for years. Started with the Virgos and moved to the Avanti IIIs a couple of years ago. I've never heard anything I liked more for the money. Great performance top to bottom. I prefer tube gear but the Ayre stuff is really good. The best I ever heard with them is Jadis but it's out of my budget.
mdhoover and narrod: thank you very much for the response.

narrod, how do you find the mid and bass? i have heard that the avanti is light in those areas. also, did you audition other speakers? i am also looking at Sonus Faber Cremona and Vienna Acoustics. if i am looking for a warm yet detailed sound would you say the avanti iii is a good choice?
The midrange is spectacular. The bass doesn't capture the lowest octave but I don't every feel like I'm missing much. My dedicated room is 17 x 27 and they perform wonderfully. I'm sure one or two subs would improved things but I haven't really felt the need. When properly set up the speakers simply disappear which is what first attracted me to the Virgos. You won't be disappointed except fpr one precaution. They will absolutely reveal any problems present in upstream components.
narrod, thank you. what upstream components do you use?
By the way, there's a pair being offered for sale here on Audiogon. I don't know the seller(s) at all and just am posting a link to the ad. Here it is:
Avanti III's for $7495
Seems to always be changing. For now, a current production Audible Illusions M3A tube preamp, Audio Electronic Supply SixPac tube monoblocks and a TNT-6 Hotrod with Wheaton Triplanar VII and Helikon SL cartridge. Amps and preamps change. The speakers and turntable are here for the long haul.
I really like the Avanti IIIs. Beautiful, musical speakers that play all kinds of music well. They need thoughtful positioning (what speakers don't?) and you need quality eletcronics in front of them to hear what they are capable of.

They could be your last pair of speakers.

Last time I heard a pair they were being powered by Herron VTSP1a-166 tubed preamp and M150 ss mono amps fed by top-of-the-line digital and TT - the sound was absolutely killer. At the time, the Herron preamp/amps would set you back around 10k. You can buy both that same pre *and* the amps for under 5k at A-gon now.

The Avantis were not light in the bass or mids to my ears. I thought the bass was very good - tuneful and accurate, if not the very lowest I've heard, but still very satisfying on rock, double bass and full range orchestral. The mid-range was wonderful - resolving without being hyped or etched - the speakers' transparency lets you hear very far into the soundfield rendering good recording very natural and "alive". Powered by the Herrons, the Avanti's palpabiility and immediacy was startlingly realistic. The speakers disappeared, the soundstage was wide and deep and the images were 3D.

Audio Physic is a fine, highly regarded European company. As you could tell from your audition at the dealer's, the AP designers/engineers have very good ears for producing musically satisfying speakers.

If you give them good equipment - the Avantis will sing.