Anyone use an Oppo HA 2SE headphone dac/amp with Audeze Sine Headphones?

I'm looking for a good solution to amplify my audeze sine headphones at my computer desk.  I am okay spending $100 - $500.  Looking at the Audioquest Dragonfly Red, Oppo HA 2SE, Chord Mojo, and Meridian Explorer 2.  I am trying to get close to the 500mw to 1 w of headphone output (Audeze says this is optional for the sine), which is rare in a small portable amp.  MQA implementation is a plus for my tidal hifi masters streaming.

The Oppo is interesting. seems not too far below the 500mw power rating.  I love the USB input so I can use a regular lightning cable that I already have to connect to the iPhone 7, and I love that it does not draw power from the iPhone.

Curious if anyone has used the Oppo HA 2SE with the Audeze Sine, and would love to hear a report.  thanks!!
Well, I will answer this one myself.  I tested the oppo HA 2se against 2 other DAC/amps and chose the Chord Mojo.  In fact, I documented my process and experience for the comparison test and wrote a review!  I will be posting it soon.