Anyone use a sub with Reference 3A DaCapo i

Has anyone used a sub with their DaCapo i's? I'm not getting much low end, admittedly my room is very problematic. Roughly 10' by 25' with 81" ceilings (basement apt). Anyway I'm thinking of trying a sub.

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No , I have not . I am not a fan of sub integration .

Have you tried rolling the input tubes ?
How far away is your listening position ?
Are you firing the speakers down the long or short walls ?
I have these same speakers and integrated and can get bass
that I can feel , if it is in the music . I am not familiar with your source's sound though .

Admittedly I am in a nearfield situation in a small room but you really can't exspect a small standmount to fill a large room like that .

Good luck .
Hi, I used a TBI Magellan VI with mine and they were a perfect match. There is a TBI magellan VIII on audiogon which is larger than the one I used but should be a good match also. I don't know the seller just saw them come up. These are some of the fastest subs I've heard and blend well with just about any speaker.
thanks for the replies....I haven't tried tube rolling, any that you would suggest? My listening position is from 6 to 7'away. The speakers are firing down the long walls, however there are more room problems. There is an alcove where the front windows are located just behind the speakers. There is also an area to the side that opens out a bit so the room is not a perfect rectangle (at all). I'm also investigating the possibility of getting higher stands- I have Sound Anchor stands that are 24" high. I don't know if this would affect the bass but over all it might sound better (Ref 3A makes adjustable stands to 30" high).
Hi, Put something under the stands or something between the speakers and the stands and see if raising the speakers makes a difference before buying new stands. You might be sitting in a null point, try moving your chair forward or backwards and see if your bass response improves.
You should visit Audio Circle. There is an archived Reference 3A forum there.(you can't post) Quite a bit of good info. I use a ML Depth with my De Capo I's. Speaker level connection running the Capo's full range. Depending on the source material, I prefer to have it off.
Call Upscale Audio , tell them what you want to accomplish and try it .

I did and asked about warming up the entire sound while retaining the great topend extension and overall detail .
They recommended rolling the input tubes . I purchased their recommendation from them . I got what I asked for plus some extension in the bass that was also tighter .

You might also try putting the speakers closer to the wall behind them . Would it be possible to turn the setup so that the speakers are firing down the short wall ? If not , could you make the room behind you smaller by hanging a large quilt , blanket etc. behind your listening position . Just get a 10 ft. length of pipe , hang it near the ceiling with closet rod hangers mounted on the side walls and hang a quilt using curtain hangers with the spring clips . Then you can just push it to one side when you want the open space .

I think that it is more important to have the tweeter at ear level than the woofer . Are the speakers firing straight ahead , as Ref. 3a suggests ? Have you tried a little toe in ?

All of these movements cost little to nothing and might work . If not the tubes would be cheaper than a sub which I would do as a last resort as the sub will probably be the most exspensive move .

Good luck .
De Capos have excellent bass. More than enough for the size room you have.

Necessary steps to getting the available bass

1. 20 amp dedicated line to your room
2. Balanced power conditioner- PS Audio PPP
3. really good power cords- see Tek Line Cables
4. Really good interconnects- See PS Audio
5. Really good speaker cables- See Clear Day Cables solid core
6. Really good isolation/vibration devices under your components. See Herbies Audio
Thanks for the suggestions.....I am constantly adjusting the placement of the speakers, toe in, distance from listening position, distance from each other, the back wall etc. with some effect but nothing dramatic. I tried raising the speakers but the only solid objects I have to put them on are a little too high I think. I recently got a Mapleshade catalogue that has speaker platforms that they recommend for monitors that basically have them on the floor tilting upward. Anyone tried this?

Re: other suggestions- 1)I'm a renter and can't do the dedicated line although I'm sure it would make a difference 2)I'm using a Harmonic Technology power cord on the Cd player and a DH Labs cord on the amp. Also Harmonic Tech interconnects. I'm sure these aren't the best but I imagine they are pretty good. 3) I've been using Totem bi wire speaker cables, also recently trying Nordost Blue Heaven...not much difference to my ears.4) I have a Zoethecus stand but would like to try to iso devices...
Hi again, I forgot to mention that I had brass 1 inch cones between the speakers and the stands ( sound Anchor), I used three on each speaker two in front and one on back. The cones helped to tighten up the bass on my De Cappo's plus raised them up an inch. The stands were 26 inch so with the cones that put the speakers at 27 inch high. But again the best thing I did was add the TBI Magellin subs.

The De Capos are smallish monitors, and as such, will have severely compromised bass performance. If you want real bass (realistically extending to 30hz or so) than a sub is an absolute requirement.

For lower budget, I would look into the Rythmik audio subs. I use the GR Research designed sub from them, and it is incredibly tight and musical. I strongly prefer it to the $4000 Velodyne DD15 sub I had before (these are really more for theater, not that tight).

For a higher budget, you need look no further than the REL B series, or the JL Audio 12 or 13.

Despite what you try with tweaking, setup, etc, you will never get deep bass from your monitors. Optimize them for imaging, staging, and presence (what they are made for), and integrate them with a musical sub for a full response.