Anyone use a POWERED SUB with Center Channel?

I am looking for center channel nirvana. I am currently using a B&W HTM-1 with B&W 801II as right and left. Before, I was using a single 801II as my center and LOVED IT!
But, because of space issues, cannot do so. I was thinking of using a powered sub with line ins to run my center into.

Does anyone do this or have any thoughts to making it work?

I use a powered sub on my center channel and my fronts.I like it better that way since I cant have the same size speaker as my fronts for a center.It really shows when you are watching a movie where the action pans right to left going through the center channel.My home theater speaks arent very big so I get away with my reciever running my speaks so I run my subs out of the pre outs.I liked the way the sub sounded coming out of the pre outs better than the sub line.
I was thinking about adding a 12" woofer to my center channel ( have a spare driver that matches my mains and two subs ), but it would probably be overkill. I've already got two 8's in a pretty big box ( appr 45" wide X 20" deep ), so they go pretty low by themselves. Sean
Yes I run it similar to "Timperry". I have 3 B&W ASW-800's in the front and the center sub is with the B&W HTM. I think it is great and was told to try it and see from my local dealer. I use the speaker post connections to the sub then to the HTM using the xover. You can then select full range center cahnnel on the processor.
I can remember reading in an issue of Widescreen Review how many of the staff reviewer's systems contained multiple subs, but never on the center channel. I can't remember what the reasoning for this was, since they all had subs on their surrounds. But why not experiment?
Infinity made a cute little center channel speaker with an 8' powered subwoofer called the Overture-1. It adds more bass than you would expect from a center channel speaker but you still need a dedicated subwoofer.