Anyone use a platter mat with their VPI?

My friend has a MMF-7 that has some sort of rubber mat that sits on the platter rather than felt. We took it on an off and were amazed at the difference in sound.

I've got a VPI Scoutmaster with the center weight and ring clamp. Has anyone added a mat? I never see it mentioned.
The VPI is not designed for the use of a mat. You can do it but you will simply muck up the sound. No matter what is done to the MMF-7 it will never be in the same class as the Scoutmaster.
I sorta agree, but I found that I liked my VPI TNT (early version) much better with a Ringmat and without the supplied clamp. Haven't used a clamp since.
Do use a mat< it does not work with this turntable.
going to try Mapleshades PHONOPHILE INTEGRATED RECORD COUPLING SYSTEM very soon with my aries three will let you know what differences i hear.