Anyone use a Manley Massive passive to EQ

Not sure where to put this thread but will try it here.  I just bought a new pair of Klipsch Jubilees, two way setup and I was going to go with a DEQX unit but have fun into delays with supplier.  So I started reading more info and have found it interesting that many people find all digital a little sterile with no character.  So my other option is to get a Marchand XM126 to cross with around 500hz using 4th order slopes, but you have to tame the big K402 horn at certain frequencies.  So I was wondering would a Manley massive passive do this?  Also I'm curious if anyone else has tried this?  Yes I know the DEQX will get time alignment and phase perfect but everything is a trade off.

I would definitely post this question in a pro audio forum .... Manley gear like that is probably used more in a studio than a home environment 

You could probably get the Manley to work and it definitely will have character, but it's kind of overkill for what you've described.  If I were you, I would try the DEXQ first.