Anyone use a hockey puck as a record weight?

I was thinking about this after looking for Dallas Stars tickets...

A standard puck is one inch thick (25.4 mm), three inches in diameter (76.2 mm) and weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces (156-170 g). However, a number of variations on the standard black, 6 oz (170 g) hockey puck exist.

One of the most common is a blue, 4 oz (113 g) puck that is used for training younger players who are not yet able to use a standard puck. Heavier 10 oz (283 g) training pucks, typically reddish pink or reddish orange in color, are also available for players looking to develop the strength of their shots or improve their stick handling skills. Players looking to increase wrist strength for better stickhandling often practice with steel pucks which weigh 2 lb (900 g).

(Thanks, Wikipedia, for the above information.)

I figure *someone* has drilled a hole in the center of one of these pucks and used them on a turntable.

Note - I did a quick search over at the Asylum, and this idea is not as original as I first thought. Thought I'd post it anyways.
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Not a vinyl guy, but if you do this, make sure spindle hole is in Exact center....
I use a hockey stick as a record weight. I had to reposition the tonearm (and some of my furniture) and the cat has learned (the hard way) to keep his distance when I'm spinning an LP, but the overall effect and improvement have been great. Something about the momentum. I'm thinking about trying two sticks to kind of smooth out the table. And maybe a straight-line tone arm at a later date.
Why not. Find the exact center, stick on a drill press. The hole only needs to be deep enough to clear the spindle. Just make sure your TT allows a weight to be used. I have an LP12 and Linn does not recommend it.
Tarsando - LMAO!
I did it. Made me an experimental UFO-based record clamp by gluing a hockey puck to the bottom board. It's not a good thing sonically. Deadens the sound too much. Really take some of the life out of the LP. You can see it here:

Fremer didn't like it either.

A chunk of brass will be much better. I think McMaster-Carr has some 3" blanks you can drill. The hard part is nailing the center.

How heavy can a weight be? Does anyone know the heaviest weight one could use?
Wouldn't the stick make a better tonearm than a record weight?

For lower mass, one of the new graphite composite sticks would be good. They come in a range of colours and imagine how small the offset error is with a nice long arm, let's say about five feet long?
You guys should really not be making fun of this!I once made a platter out of a BMW M3 disc brake rotor. I then expanded on the idea to make a DJ version where I left the brake caliper on.Went from 33-1/3 to a dead stop in millseconds! Worked best with songs like "Hot Rod Lincoln",Deep Purple's "Highway Star",Bruce Springsteen "Racing in the Streets" and the Beatles "Drive my Car". Engine was a little noisier than most TT motors,though. (Sorry about this,but its been a while since you guys heard from me).
FWIW, the Galibier Anvil is 6 lbs. Make sure your 'table bearing is up to the task.
Seriously, I'm amazed on how much a weight / clamp can affect the sound of a table. Lee at Cryo-Freeze / Cryo-Parts / Locus Design let me borrow a Locus Design DampClamp for a while to use with my Teres table. The difference over the Teres hardwood clamp was amazing (for the better) in my system.

I'm "between tables" right now, but will definately ask to demo that weight again in my next system.
The table bearing quality and size and design will determine how much extra clamp weight it can handle. Also, sprung-loaded tables like an LP12 or old Duals will need to be adjusted for the new weight.

As for a hockey puck, they drill quite nicely. Just use a 0.281" drill bit (9/32). The puck will then fit snugly.

Pbb,,,I am so happy with my hockey sticks as weights that I wouldn't want to replace them. However, your idea of a graphite stick as tonearm appeals and I think I will try it next--the synergy should be great. And with all this talk about pucks, I'm thinking, you shave one down just right and what have you got? A stylus!! Stay tuned (he shoots, he scores!)
I believe Don Rickles does. I'm sorry I just couldn't resist.
Hockey Puck? We use the whole hockey team....
I just stumbled upon this thread. Has anyone else tried to use either a 10oz or 7oz hockey puck as a record weight? If so what were your thoughts on it? What table did you use it on? I'm trying to do the record weight on a budget until the TTWeight that are appropriate for my table are in stock.

Thanks in advance.
I use a bowling ball, hole already drilled.