Anyone Use A CD Recorder For Main Play Back?

Is this audio blasphemy? My Marantz Sa-14 is still down as I wait to see if the part pointed out to me by another member will work. In the meantime I have been using my CD recorder for play back. It's a Marantz Professional CDR-500 and I'm shocked how good it sounds. I'm wondering if I should put the SA-14 (TRL modified) up for sale! Most likely I've forgotten how great the SA-14 really is and yes it sounds better but frankly I think I could live with what I have now. Am I nuts? Does anyone have a similar experience? Anyone have this player? I'll look forward to responses. Thanks.
I'm not saying I ever tried it, but if I did do it I wouldn't admit to it let alone put it on the internet. If I were you I'd have this post removed before the Audiophile Special Squad (A-S-S) kicks in your door and takes away your special decoder ring.
Why would you even care?
I have for a number of years. My Denon replaced a California Audio Labs icon Mkii that croaked nicely.

Most of my playback comes of the music server these days, but thats no fault of the player/recorder.
TP, just looking for opinions. $$ is tight right now as I head in to 3 months of no salary. I really am tempted to sell the SA-14 with the stipulation of what repairs are needed and a adjusted price. Have also thought about buying another player. It's been quite a hassle as the repair shop tries to figure out what's wrong. Onhwy61, good one! Mapman, good to hear I'm not alone. Maybe I'm not crazy.
i used a philips cdr 765 as a main cdp (both with and without a dac) for quite awhile and really liked it--read everything i threw at it + i could play two discs in succession. well built, nice sounding unit.
I have a Denon studio recorder and player (2 in 1) that I use to record albums to CD. It also functions as one of my CDP's. No problems there. WOnderful sounding IMO.
My Tascam CD-RW700 is a terrific CD recorder but a mediocre player.
Zar, I have the same CD recorder you have, and the recorder was designed for playback use on the right side as you are doing. Why should it hurt it? I also like the sound from the right tray. If money is tight, use it as you are.
Sid, it really does sound good and I am happy with the playback section. Until the Marantz laser went out I had never really used this one for playback. Pleasantly surprised to say the least. Thinking of keeping it for more than just recording duties that's for sure.
I used a Pioneer PDR-19RW while mah DV-AX10 was in for repair, fed it into a Counterpoint SA 3000. Although good yes, I believe what you are missing is the smoothness associated with the higher end products, you were most likely hearing the hard edgeyness detail.