Anyone upgraded Salon/Studio to Salon/Studio 2?

Since some time has passed after the introduction of a new Revel Ultima Salon 2,i am trying to gather some opinions on it.I own the original Salon and would never upgrade just for the looks of it but am curious as to how the old model stocks up against the new one.As far as i know even Peter Voecks admitted in print that the new Salon is not an improvement on the old model,it is just a different speaker alltogether.Also,it seems that a Stereophile reviewer intentionally avoided comparisons between the old and new models (even though the old one was his reference speaker before)and politely decided to compare it to B&W.He also was put down by fit/finish of the new model.A European dealer told me that the enclosure was designed by a Chinese company who shopped it for some time until Revel decided to purchase it.Any honest opinions from the actual owners of a new model (and a previous ownership of the original Ultimas)would be appreciated.
Hey Kal,

What did you upgrade to from the Revel Studios?
(I still have my pair, and I too am looking to upgrade in the near future.)

I am currently using B&W 802Ds.

Oh,Ok Kal,it just hit me that i'm communicating with the reviewer here (i'm operating at 33rpm today)
Yeah,i was dissapointed a bit but that's Ok because i was not looking for a final push to make the upgrade but many others probably were.
My dealer at Lyric HiFi told me numerous times that original Salons/Studios were selling like hot cakes and considering that these speakers were on the market for 7 years (and keeping in mind their build quality)i think only in the tri-state area alone there are hundreds of owners so i kinda disagree with your assesment that " there are only a small number of readers who have the older Studios "
Anyway,thanks for the review,i had to buy the mag off the rack despite being a subscriber,just couldn't wait for it to arrive.
hi Kal
do you feel the 802D is superior to the original studio,( mariginal improvement or hugh difference)?