Anyone upgraded fuses on Mono Atma Sphere Ma1 mk3?

Have any Atma Sphere Ma1 mk3 owners replaced the stock or other upgraded fuses with the Hi-Fi Tuning fuses in there amps? I understand that there are have three 5A slow blow internal fuses for each amp. Total six 5A slow blow fuses for both.
Please share your experiences.

Thanks very much,
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Hi Thnguyen63 - try speaking with Ralph at Atmasphere...he is super-helpful and knowledgeable...there is a big audio show on, so he may be busy right now...but generally responsive. He often posts here. good luck.
I asked Atma-Sphere (not sure if it was Ralph or someone ehse there) about fuse upgrades when I got my S-30, and they said that in their experience these didn't make a difference.
Hi Fi tunings latest fuse, the Supreme made an unmistakable improvement on the four components I've tried them on. Can't imagine them not improving the Atma-Sphere's.
You need to try Synergistic Research Black Quantum fuse as well. It makes a lot of difference on my system.