Anyone upgraded fuses on a Marantz SA7S1?

I want to know what I am in for before I open the lid to replace stock fuses with Hi Fi Tuning fuses.
I'm trying to determine how many and what value and size are inside.
Google searching has produced conflicting information.
Some posts list 6 fuses and some 7.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
If anyone has done this to their SA7S1 what were the results?
I used to own a Marantz SA11S1 and I remember replacing around 5 fuses with HiFi Tuning fuses. If I were you I would pop the top cover and be sure of what I needed to order. The types of fuses needed were clearly labeled on the circuit board in the SA11S1.
I was hoping to find out what the number and values were before opening so I could have the fuses on hand to perform the quick switch. Thanks for your input.