Anyone update your BAT VK60 to SE status?

What did you think? Worth the $2500? My other choice is to buy a 75se and sell the 60. More than double the price of the update though...
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I too was comtemplating upgrading my VK-60 monoblocks to SE status, but at $5000 for both amplifiers, I felt the cost was too prohibitive. I have been told that even with this upgrade, the VK-60SE will not quite achieve the sonics of the VK-75SE. IMO, the extra money is proabably better spent on another set of BAT VK-75 or other monoblocks (new or used). In the meantime, I have decided to swap the stock 6SN7's with some NOS RCA tubes. While I do not expect this to necessarily elevate my VK-60 to SE status, it should add refinement to the already excellent sound of the VK-60.