Anyone up for a group visit to Audioconnection?

I know I wanted to do this last winter, but things got crazy this year, and I had to defer.
So, now that Winter is here again, I thought it would be nice for all local Agon'ers to have a meet up at Johnny's place.
There's a good pizza place nearby and I was hoping to finally meet you all and get to listen to the new Vandy 3 subs.
Let's find a time to have a meet up.
You can PM me as well.
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Keep me in the loop; I’m just down the road from JohnnyR.
Will do.
I am surprised there aren't any more responses. I thought there were at least 2 more members who were interested.
Sorry - I missed this post....but also I am not shopping right now for anything....but still would enjoy stopping by and chatting with some local audiophiles.... if you guys are still thinking of going after the Christmas - I may join you.
I might be able to do that. Always fun to see John and Nick. I always learn something.