Anyone under 30?

Lots of cool people, not a lot my age. I hope I am not the only one bringing up the rear.
You guys are OLD!! I am only 20, I think that is why some folks don't agree/like my ideas/opinions, I have been into to audio since I was 17 and have a fairly serious system already(retail value in the mid to high 30's). I am now upgrading things for the third time around and running out of rational/affordable options(next logical speaker upgrade is the Eidolon at 24k that is a little steep to me, well for now, by the time I am in my mid 20's I should have them). Most of my peers love my stereo(in particular the girls which is very important) but think I am crazy to 'waste' that much $$$ on music. They like there BOSE, no highs, no lows, its gotta be BOSE, well that is how the saying goes any how. I question there purchases, boats(50k+ that you use 5 times a year and they call me crazy), new Ferrari(only one friend did that, but 220k that he drives 20 times a year and I am crazy!), I use my system most everyday even in winter(live in NY and snow ruins boats and hot cars) but they feel I am crazy. Maybe in like 20-30 years I will have a few local peers/friends that are into audio but in the mean time I have this forum, so all you can laugh at the young guy....which happens to be me!

~Tim The Tire Guy
I'm 20, and loving the High-End. To save the bucks, though, I generally have to build all my stuff. Oh well!
No,you are not alone,being 25 myself.Justifying the expenses incurred by high end audio purchases is really just a matter of priorities.You know music,food,bank note,gas money etc etc
I assumed that at 25 I would be the baby of this family. It's nice to see that some of my peers have an appreciatoin for something other than ingesting excessive alchohol.
I also feel your pain Tim w/ two small children and a mortgage I freqently work 55-60 hrs a week to justify my expensive hobby.
Yeah I'm 25. Got into this audiophile stuff about two years ago. Currently have B&W n-805's, Audio Research LS-9 and D-130, Sony SACD and kimber select cabling, bought everthing except the speakers and the stands used. It is the only way I can have great tunes and still buy my girlfriend a bling-bling ring. Just wait until that is over. So, how sould I spend the wedding money? Anyone say 100.2?