Anyone under 30?

Lots of cool people, not a lot my age. I hope I am not the only one bringing up the rear.
unfortunatly people now days think music is played through a 2" speaker on a pc with a cd-rom drive.. or music is the stuff that comes out of a little portable cd plastic box.. or music is that boom-boom thunder rattling someone's car trunk. If those under thirty could make their way to a symphony hall to hear real instruments unamplified played in a real space, (or jazz or bluegrass or blues, etc.) they might develop an interest in hearing music reproduced accurately and seek out the apparati for that purpose.
All audio-heads are welcome here! You are never too young to start and never too old to upgrade. I purchased my first system in 1977 and have never found a cure for upgrade-itis. Once you are hooked, you are in for keeps!
Good Listening.
Heh, I got my first birthday cake in 1977. I'm sure that there are a lot of other young people around lurking. Speaking for myself, I tend to see myself as underexperienced to chime in on most threads. Also, I haven't been able to accumulate the wealth necessary to seriously listen to most of the stuff discussed on here. Twenty grand worth of stereo equipment would be a significant percentage of my *lifetime* earnings.
I have been appreciating live orchestral since I was 15 or so. That was 11 years ago, so I guess I'm under that magic number, though not for too much longer. Xiekitchen makes a good point. Another problem is money. I bought my first system, mostly used, for about $2800 all told, and that was pretty tough on me budgetwise. That's because I was 23 and hadn't made too many dimes in the world yet. I think for most people it takes a few years to make enough money to have the ridiculous notion that it's OK to spend this kind of money on audio gear.

I am 30 here, and find that it is the raised noses of those who think that only classical,jazz, or blues are worthy forms of music to be heard thru a high-end system is one of the reasons many younger people forgo it.

What ive learned hear from reading some of the posts, most recently a post last week on where to find vinyl on line, is that members who have spent a great deal of time and money on their systems,Albertporter for example, listen to music such as I. (Bjork, Radiohead) High end can be enjoyed by all forms of music and shouldnt be limited to the black tie crowd.
I'm under 30 but not by much. I got into this stuff when I was 19 but you really don't the money to get serious until you are older.
Hey old folks!
Do Ya think that no under 30 goes to the live performances???
Do Ya think that WE do not aim for better sound listening to 2" computer speakers???
As for me such thing as going to the symphony hall is pretty rare, but I do often attend any kind of underground and progressive concerts in NY that are mostly unamplified since they're often played in small hangouts and clubs. If I'm going to the symphony hall -- it's mostly for ballet. I also have an occasional opportunity to play for myself and certainly listen to unamplified self when I play accordeon guitar or bandoneon. I like avant jazz, progressive rock, classic rock, fusion jazz, tango, krautrock, neoclassical music and some of the individual performers from different music directions(Ry Cooder is a country music player for instance).
I am about to turn 30 next year so you ain't alone Ohlala!
I've got introduced to high end audio gear in St. Petersburg, Russia when I was under 20 translating from English an electronic and audio equipment from different countries. Rich russian guys such as diplomats, government kins, artists and singers were seeking English speaking people via newspaper ads to help them to manage understanding of complicated manuals of musical and audio equipment. The first high-end "hello" was with Linn Sondek LP12 when the owner did not even know that he needed phono preamp for his setup! Almost all Russian made turntables had built-in phonos.
I do aim always for better sound and I do sometimes go crazy doing upgrade after upgrade... I do love analogue and most of my collection is analogue records.
YES! I am 23, started wish a [yuck] Bose system when I was 19. Quickly upgraded to some Martin Logan Aerius about a year later. Six months after that, I bought some Thiel 2.3s and an Audio Research D-130. I also acquired a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 and SFCD-1. Through several iterations, I arrived at a Mark Levinson 333 amp and 36 CD player along with B&W N802 speakers. Finally, I now have gone from 2ch to home theater based around Martin Logan, Classe, and Audo Refinement.

I'm into analog as well, but recently sold my VPI Mk IV table (had to buy an engagement ring). I listen to mostly classic rock and classical with a bit of popular music thrown in.

Good to see more people my age in the hobby!
Being under 30 you are definitely NOT bringing up the rear. No such thing, Hahah! All are welcome!

I got into hifi when I was 5 years old. My father gave me access to his hifi setup and all his cool albums when I was just beginning school. Remember those old stereo demo albums with the train going from left to right? Ooohh. I got into car stereos in the mid-70s, home theater almost four years ago, and here I am now back to 2-channel again at 42.

I should really get a house and spend less on this addicting hobby. I guess having no wife and recently becoming single again has contributed a bit. So, er...what's listed in the "New Today" section. heheh...
You guys are OLD!! I am only 20, I think that is why some folks don't agree/like my ideas/opinions, I have been into to audio since I was 17 and have a fairly serious system already(retail value in the mid to high 30's). I am now upgrading things for the third time around and running out of rational/affordable options(next logical speaker upgrade is the Eidolon at 24k that is a little steep to me, well for now, by the time I am in my mid 20's I should have them). Most of my peers love my stereo(in particular the girls which is very important) but think I am crazy to 'waste' that much $$$ on music. They like there BOSE, no highs, no lows, its gotta be BOSE, well that is how the saying goes any how. I question there purchases, boats(50k+ that you use 5 times a year and they call me crazy), new Ferrari(only one friend did that, but 220k that he drives 20 times a year and I am crazy!), I use my system most everyday even in winter(live in NY and snow ruins boats and hot cars) but they feel I am crazy. Maybe in like 20-30 years I will have a few local peers/friends that are into audio but in the mean time I have this forum, so all you can laugh at the young guy....which happens to be me!

~Tim The Tire Guy
I'm 20, and loving the High-End. To save the bucks, though, I generally have to build all my stuff. Oh well!
No,you are not alone,being 25 myself.Justifying the expenses incurred by high end audio purchases is really just a matter of priorities.You know music,food,bank note,gas money etc etc
I assumed that at 25 I would be the baby of this family. It's nice to see that some of my peers have an appreciatoin for something other than ingesting excessive alchohol.
I also feel your pain Tim w/ two small children and a mortgage I freqently work 55-60 hrs a week to justify my expensive hobby.
Yeah I'm 25. Got into this audiophile stuff about two years ago. Currently have B&W n-805's, Audio Research LS-9 and D-130, Sony SACD and kimber select cabling, bought everthing except the speakers and the stands used. It is the only way I can have great tunes and still buy my girlfriend a bling-bling ring. Just wait until that is over. So, how sould I spend the wedding money? Anyone say 100.2?
Well, I'm 40, but I'm certainly glad that there are a lot of people under 30 who are into music and audio equipment. I had a nice stereo when I was in my 20's, but couldn't afford to really pursue high-end. Still, music was my constant companion at home, and I had several friends who really enjoyed just hanging out listening to music, with the passion for the music being the main point but also having an appreciation for the sound quality. Now I don't have a single friend who is what I would describe as "really into" music, and nobody save a single acquaintance who would go beyond buying a basic A/V receiver with modest speakers to play it on. Then there's the problem of musical taste - everyone either is stuck listening to the same music they've listened to for 30 years, or they've sunk into ambient music that would be hard to passionate about under any circumstances. A great many people over 30 who are passionate about music are into genres that I'm not as excited about - I still like musical styles I liked in my 20's.

Life is ironic this way - when you really have the time and energy to pursue something like music, the gear is way out of your budget and you have to watch how much you spend on CDs etc. You get older and you can afford the nice stuff and you can afford to buy CDs by the handfull if you so choose, but so many have lost interest. Maybe they weren't all that interested in the first place.

In any case, I'm glad to have the sub-30 crowd around and hope they don't unilaterally reject the old fogeys on the board :-) -Kirk

Geez Kirk that was depressing. I think I am going to sell all me gear now, I've got nothing to look forward to. I was under the impression that it got better with age, I guess that is one of the problems with youth, it makes so many mistakes. Just for the record I do not "reject" older a'gon members, my coment was just a sucker punch, intendid as a joke. So your telling me that by the time I am 25 and can afford Eidolon's I am not going to want them, this sucks! lol, I don't think anything could make me not want those speakers. Though I do notice more and more of my older friend keep getting that BOSE junk, I always blamed on old age and bad hearing and not a loss of passion. On a more personal note I am pleased to see that we(youngsters) are not alone here, I thought I was the only one under 30 that was into this stuff, glad to see this many in there 20's any others out there, keep 'em coming! Tim The Tire Guy
C'mon Tim - I didn't say YOU would lose interest, just everyone you know will lose interest and you'll be left enjoying those Eidolon's alone! Your wife won't want them in the "main" room and, even if you win that battle, you'll have to "watch the volume". Of course, you won't really care because you'll be so darned tired from dealing with the little ones. But, ultimately, you'll come out the other side and buy a house where you make a dedicated listening room a priority and, since it doesn't come at the expense of the living room, the great room or the family room, you'll get it while maintaining marital peace. Your kids will be teenagers and won't be physically demanding - in fact, they'll probably just as soon you leave them alone and go listen to your system. By this time, money won't be so tight and you'll have been upgrading for 15 years or more, so the system will be awesome. Your music collection will be huge enough that you'll constantly find "new" music on your racks. You'll buy new music whenever you feel like it because it'll be a small expense compared to your mortgage, your college bills and the beemer in your garage. Still being passionate about music, you'll still have varied tastes and enjoy current music as well as music from the past.

It seems like a fairly common trait of people as they age that they never regain their music enjoyment legs - that's why people splurge to buy their $1000 Bose system and never look back. Not everyone, of course, but plenty of people who seem to have memories of music deep and wide from when they were younger couldn't tell you anything about music that appeals to a younger generation currently. As time goes by and your own system continues to improve and the music collection adds another 1000 or 5000 CDs, it just opens the gap that much more

None of this is meant to be depressing - I was serious when I called it ironic. Without sounding too materialistic, I enjoy buying a dozen CDs and listening to them over the next week, or dropping a few hundred bucks on a pair of excellent seats to a U2 concert and seeing a fabulous show and not having to worry about it. I would have done it in heartbeat in my 20's if I could have, but I couldn't. Now I can. I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm enjoying the experience, just like I enjoyed the experience of having a lot more time to spend listening to music when I was younger.

The fact that I don't know many people who are really into audio and have zero close friends or relatives who would come over for an evening of listening doesn't detract from my enjoyment of audio or music, and definitely doesn't stop me from dreaming about the next upgrade. So hang onto that gear - I don't think you'll ever stop enjoying it :-) Kirk

No, 32. I fell in love with Thiel 2.2's audio reasearch equipment when I was 23(could not afford it then). Now I own Thiel 2.3's, Pass Lab x-150, x-2, harm-tech cables, wadia 830.
i'll be 58 in a couple of weeks. i own eidolons. i attend lots of concerts, classical to blues to rock. i have many friends with whom i share my audio and musical interests, including my sons, aged 28 and 32. it DOES get better, tireguy. don't believe otherwise. it just depends upon YOU. -cfb
Hey Kirk just for the record I was kidding, I am NOT selling my gear, nor will I ever. If the afghanies bomb me and I lose power I will use the generator to power the system to hell with refrigerator and heat. The joys of being young, single and slightly misguided, sigh.....
I realize it's all in good fun, Tim - I really can't imagine anyone who's regularly on this site selling their gear. Once you've had good music in your life, you don't ever want to go back. And despite whatever my weak attempts at humor conveyed, I agree with cfb - it definitely gets better. I wouldn't go back in time even if I could. -Kirk
right here---got your wet behind the ears audiophile--28. been in this hobby about 2 yrs, have recycled the whole system since then (now, its pioneer PD-65>Belcanto1.1>joule la-100mk2>belles350>merlin vsm-m). got more in the system than in the car. money well spent...

which is the problem for most youngsters--they don't have the $$ for this hobby, or they're too concerned w/ spending it on booze & women...which reminds me of a great johnlee hooker song...its all about the tunes.
True Ryhno, I have given up drinking completely(yes this means that I will no longer be involved with drink threads) in order to fund my stereo hobby a little better. And I also happen to be single so I can spend how I wish, so I have your 2 spending issues addressed. I can settle down with the right girl when I have my blasted Eidolon's or she will buy them for me(not holding my breath on the later of the two). Well if there are any ladies out there that would be willing to get me a pair of Eidolon's I am 6 feet tall about 175lbs.......I had to try guys give me a break!
Yea, i am under 30....quite a bit under. I have been into what i would like to call HiFI, i dont have a real hifi system yet. working on it. And i just love it this hobby is very expensive, but also very rewarding. Out of everyone on this whole place i probbaly have some of the cheapest stuff?..maybe I am still in high school, but definetly know the differnce between those true sound. But i have to say, although i am young i know as much or more than anyone else thats been into this hobby as long as i have. If you want to see my system its posted in the virtual systems section, but beware. upgrading constantly!
Haoleb, It is very cool that you are discovering it all now.
Just think what you'll have by the time you are 30?
It's just making sure that it survives college and the early 20's - outta control "guests" that don't have a clue, you know...set the ground rules early and budget for renter's insurance....
When I was in high school, we would go down to the high end audio stores and "audition" the good stuff. Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon was the record to take....
Thats kewl angela. Aint no guests gonna be kicking holes in my spkrs, i have some KLH's that they can throw ovr a cliff for all i care. .. and yes Imagine when i am 30..a system of dynaudio's and Musical fidelity Nuvista M3..ive got my eye on few things already.
I started with a mass market sony receiver and a pair of Eosones (dipole towers), which I bought at Best Buy (and those were the top 'o the line at Best Buy, so you can see where my tastes are going!). Since then, I've been gradually converted by my audiophile friends from college. They dragged me to the high end cottages around town, albiet grudging at first. ;) But the more I listened, the clearer it all became. Damn, man. Had they have come along sooner, I would have started out with some better stuff for the money$$$. (Nice int amp, instead of 5.1 receiver, Vandy 1C's instead of Eosone speakers, etc..)

Currently I'm running the following:
marantz cc47 (5cd)
Audio Alchemy DTI Pro w/ ps2
Adcom GDA-600
Audio Alchemy DLC preamp w/ ps2
Audio Alchemy OM-150 amp
Eosone RFS-600
wires: kimber, straightwire, tara labs, music metre.

And it's not done yet! I just need to scrape up a little more dough$$$ for the vadersteen 2ce sigs to replace the eosones. Then she'll be good until the next forklift upgrade!

It's hard to balance this hobby with my other two: fast cars and fast computers. I'd have a better stereo system (tubes?) if money wasn't so tight with the college bills and all. I just try to steer the $$ around for most impact, lately is was the PC's turn. But the next 6-9 months is all audio. After that the car will become the main focus again. Then the PC will need upgrades, etc.. et infinitum...

It'l be frightening to imagine what my system will look like by time I'm 30. Scary...
Aroc: seems like you have a clear investment objective. I'm not sure which of the two -- autos or hi-end -- is more expensive. At least the price a a giga has dropped steadily these past few years. More than one can say about the price of the Watt (stereo or otherwise).

Your system at 30? Fascinating I'd say, something to look forward to! Far superior to mine @ 40, I bet!

I'm 23, BTW. I forgot to mention that in my first post. I'm surprised I didn't do that. ;-) Yeah, so far my system has a good synergy, except for the speakers. Darn things are so bright and forward. Yuck. They were the only Best Buy sold that wasn't overly murky and muddy. :-/ I auditioned a pair of vadersteen 1C's. They basically have the dark quality that I am looking for. Some might say they are too laid back.

The highend store around me is supposed to be getting a Vandersteen 2ce signature so, that I can audition with my AA OM-150. I'm eager to see how some of my Pipe organ CDs sound on the vandys. I should get last few registrers that I am missing. (<40Hz) :-)