Anyone try VonSchweikert VR-4 Upgrade?

I have a pair of the VR-4 Gen.11 and thinking about the 2500.00 upgrade. Has anyone upgraded or heard the new VR-5? Thanks.
I have coresponded with Albert about the upgrade to my vr4genII's and am going to do a kit late july when I am more financially fit...i also am really interested in anyone who'll describe the sound with the upgrade done
There are a number of vsr-heads on under the audio section. All are very capable to answer any vsr questions. Maybe we can pull them over to audiogon/forum. I am waiting on a delivery of custom tweaked vr-4's from one of albert's engineers that remained in NY post disaster at the factory. Will post specifics later. New material on albert' website about CES 2001. Enjoy