Anyone try this Yanqin tube buffer?

A friend recently got a Yaqin tube buffer with a few different tubes (JJ Tesla E88CC & Jan Phillips 6922). We hooked it up to his Denon stereo setup (receiver and CD player) and did a bunch of A/B comparisons with the tube on and off and roiled the different tubes. I brought over a few Cd's including John Forgerty's latest "revival" and a cool bluegrass band Steeldrivers. Anyway, for anyone with a SS digital system. You know the standard player & receiver type setup. This is with out a doubt the best money spent to upgrade to a "tube type sound"!! He got his for $100. I found the same thing online for $175 and ordered one only to find out they are back ordered for 2 to 3 weeks.
I got to wrap this up but, basically you can put this in-line between your source and your amp/receiver and have the best of both worlds. The fast accurate detailed modern sound and the silky smooth dynamic sound of old all in one!!! No b.s. it's that good!! Latter.
I just read about the Yanqin in another forum and was surprised it's not been discussed here.

I have both generations of the Musical Fidelity and would like to compare them with the Yanqin.
Purchased two Yaqin tube buffers from Pacific Valve since I liked them so much. Also have a Musical Fidelity X10v3 tube buffer and compared them. Here is a link to my review comparing the two:

Definitely adds that tube warmth to any SS system. I use the JAN Phillips 6922 in my system.

Slbenz, great review and comparison to the MF X10v3. Did your X10v3 include the MF XPSUv3 outboard power supply as well? I have this, along with Revelation Audio Lab umbilical PC and Signal Cable Silver Resolution PC. I've been reasonably satisfied with this set-up between pre/pro and amps; but always wondered about the Yaqin. It sounded like more of an improvement when I added the buffer in front of my old Outlaw monoblocks. Since upgrading to Channel Island D-200's, there doesn't appear to be as much of a difference. I'm wondering if the Yaqin would kick it up a notch ... comments?
worth the try, smooth up the top end, less harshness. been good with telefunken and mullard tubes. know they cost a bomb and they are that good.
How quiet is it? The SNR spec would indicate it adds a good deal of noise.
I noticed the the SNR spec was a bit low; but it didn't seem to degrade the sound. The Yaqin is pretty good ... the Audio Horizon TB 5.0 is better. Take a look at the SNR on the premium model. Just based on the numbers, that puts this unit in another class. The other consideration is it's also 3X the cost of the Yaqin. Well worth it IMHO.
Greetings & Happy New Year to all.I received my Yaqin tube buffer along with a JJ Tesla 6922 from Pacific Valve & & have spent the last 7 hours in an absolute musical orgy!Set it up in my modest home theater system consisting of a Sherwood Newcastle R-771 surround receiver,Marantz DV-7001 & Aura Sound Baby Grand sub/sat speaker system,cabled it with Audioquest Diamondback I/C's & let her rip!The biggest dividends received:1-REAL soundstaging with an honest viewpoint of the recording venue as well as actual seperation of instruments & musicians.2-Vocals have lost thier steely edge & gained richness & weight.3-Amazing ability to hear subtle sounds NEVER heard before in recordings I have listened to a hundred times.BEST DAMN $200.00 I EVER SPENT ON MY SYSTEM!

Glad to hear that you are having the same reaction I did when I first purchased the Yaqin tube buffer. I can't believe I have owned them for more than two years and can tell you they are still going strong! Tube rolling them makes this hobby fun. Enjoy and Happy New Year to you as well.

I have one too,they are good as reported.
I have the one tube version(CD-1), and I am very pleased. I bought it direct from China (total cost $115). It arrived in 9 days (with excellent communication). I did an A/B test, and it definitely adds warmth and an improved sound stage. I replaced the supplied tubes with a Bugle Boy 6DJ8 (the Russian tube that was included actually sounded quite good also). I had a tube pre for many years (CJ PV-10), and this helped me live with switching back to SS (Emotiva USP-1).
Can i use this beteween my Beresford DAC and Onkyo 6 disk player. I am already using a VTL 5.5 pre-amp.
If your CD player is connected to the DAC, then you could either use the Yaqin between the DAC and pre-amp, or just put it between your pre-amp and amp (which is what I did with mine). I've never used a DAC, so I don't know exactly what purpose it serves?