Anyone try this way to wire your loudspeakers?

I have just rewired my Mcintosh XR100 loudspeakers by running one pair of Cardas Golden Reference cables from my amplifiers 8ohm leads to the speakers woofer connectors and a 2nd pair of identical cables from the amplifiers 4ohm leads to the speakers mid/treble connectors. The result was just fantatstic. Without going into all the audiophile adjectives all I can say is that it far surpassed all my other experiments with bi-wiring and jumper cables. Wondering if anyone else has had the same experience. I am one
happy camper!
first of all interesting speaker!

so the 8 ohm tap to woofer is a bit fuller and the 4 ohm tap to mid/tweeter is a little tighter

or do I have it backwards?

Autoformers can work wonders - I used to own a pair of Spelz autoformers with Maggies, you could just dial in the tightness or full sound as you liked...

have you tried switching it around?

but then why would you since you are so happy with the results

ZD542 I presume based on the OP's post that he has tried standard shotgun config

thanks for sharing

"ZD542 I presume based on the OP's post that he has tried standard shotgun config"

Most likely he did. I was just interested as to what the differences were.
Zd542, the amp. is a SS McIntosh MC452 autoformer and yes, I did consider tapping in both shotgun pairs to the 8ohm binding post but as the new Macintosh binding post are great for banana connecters they really, really suck for spades and I don't think they will stand the stress of double spades. I picked up one pair of cables used on AudioGon in a 9/10 condition and the 2nd pair new from Canuck Audio and paid about $1,200 for each pair. Cardas has replaced the Golden Reference with some crazy priced heavy weight new cable but thanks to AudioGon
and a little patience some great Golden Reference cable can be had. As Philjolet suggests I will try reversing the 8 & 4 ohm taps but only after a few more "cigarettes in the silky after glow of the experience"!
"Good speakers use good wires."

Tell that to Spencer and Derek Hughes and legions of other speaker designers who have designed the world's finest speakers! The key to great sound is called "design," not "cable."