Anyone try Theta's single mode or Laserlinqe?

I'm interested in this technology. Is it better than the standard BNC or balanaced digital connections? Can other DACS and transports (I have Levinson) be retrofitted to this technology or is it just limited to THETA? I thought I say something about this technology being used on other brands of equipment.
Thanks in advance.
My brother has this on his Theta equipment and it is wonderful. I am using balanced cables (Tara Decade) with my Theta equipment, along with a Genesis Digital Lens. This is also great. We have never directly compared them as we are running different DACs - he has a Gen IIIa, while I have a Gen Va balanced. Theta calls this Laserlinque but it is AT&Ts single mode, which is used in the computer industry. Enter "Single Mode" on ebay and lots of stuff pops up. If I knew what to buy, I'd install it in my Theta stuff and try it out. It would cost about $2000 to have Theta install it. If any computer folks out there know where to get the modules, I'd sure like to know. Hope this helps, Don