Anyone try the Vitus RI-100 with Raidho C1.1?

Both Danish brands, wondering if there is synergy.
Hi Dracule,

To be sure you would need to try the pairing in your own room/system.

What I can say is that I have the Raidho paired with another Danish manufacturers amplifier (Gryphon Audio) and there is good synergy. The Vitus may possibly be better still. The Raidhos will certainly appreciate the power/current the Vitus RI-100 can provide.
Good to hear from you Kiwi again ;)
I considered the Gryphon, but there is no distributor here in the USA. I like the Vitus because there is an option for DAC module for the RI-100.
Yes understand. The US is unfortunate not to have Gryphon representation.

I can't speak for the Raidho / Vitus pairing but my expectation would be that it is a stellar combination. Do also consider Lindemann.