Anyone try the simaudio sim Moon lp5. phono stage?

There is a new simaudio phono stage the MOON LP 5.3. Has anyone tried it and care to comment on it?
I've been auditioning one for 2 weeks now, and I'm going to buy it. It will replace my Dynavector P-75, which I've just put up for auction!!! Very versatile, and quiet, too. Performance exceeds, in my opinion, the new Sutherland P3Hd. Also, since I have a balanced preamplifier, I appreciate the fully balanced output option of the LP 5.3.

You should really try one. The mid-range/vocal staging is superb, in my opinion.
Hi Badmusic. What other components are you using with your system. I am contemplating buying a Sim phono also.
Dynavector 17D3 cartridge. Lyra Dorian cartridge. P7 turntable. Chapter Audio Preface preamplifier, Nuforce 9SE amplifiers. Proac 2.5 speakers. Musical Fidelity CD player, Musical Fidelity NuVista DAC, Magnum Dynalab 102 Triode FM tuner. Siltech, BPT, and PS Audio cables.

Amongst all of the above, my most prized components are the Chapter preamp, which is state of the art in my opinion, and the Magnum Dynalab tuner, with the tube output stage.
I have this phono stage, but it is part of my first analog rig, so it's hard for me to say how much or what exactly it is contributing to my overall sound (vs my other components). I'm using it with a VPI Scoutmaster and a Shelter 501. I can say that I am now a full analog convert as I definitely love the sound. One of my concerns about going to analog had been the noise level, but I have found analog (with this simaudio phono stage) to have an unbelievably low noise floor. I also wanted to use the Shelter cartridge and didn't find many great options for a compatible phono stage at around this price point. Finally, while I am using it single ended now, I liked the idea of being able to go balanced later.
FWIW -- I just saw that Fremer has a little review on this phono stage in the March issue of Stereophile on page 32. He seems to like it and concludes that:

"Given its sturdy build, flexible configurability, balanced outputs, black backdrops even when run single-ended, and its tight, deep bass, the LP 5.3 is silly good and easy to recommend. And at $1400, it's a steal, a bargain, a best buy, and a no-brainer."

How are his reviews generally? Any good?
I have been using one for a few months now. Simaudio LE amp and preamp, Basis 1400 table with a Dynavector 20xH cartridge. I have used it both balanced and single ended.

I find it offers better performance than the phono stage that was built into Musical Fidelity KW500 integrated and the BAT VK30 preamp with phono card. As mentioned above, the phono stage is absolutely silent and is very acurate tonally--it does not warm up vocals or add artificial space to music--it faithfully reproduces what sound is there. Soundstage has a good sense of depth and width.
Anyone A-B tested it with the Whest ?