Anyone try the replica B-60 Fidelity Research VTA?

My sammle moved not only up an down but also sidewards.
The reason as far as I can judge is the pin on the screw
which connect the inner and the outer collar. The inner collar
slides along this pin up and down but if there is
any play between this pin and the notch of the inner collar
the tonearm will move also sidewards. This means that the
'replica' is not as 'exact' as claimed by the producer.
I assume that this screw is better made by the orginal B-60 .
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Ok, that is not the case with the Ikeda.

@vortrex 10mm indeed, mine was a little "stuck" when it came, it helps if you wiggle the nob clockwise and couterclockwise a little, that did the trick with mine, and it runs all the way up to 10 mm
EDIT: I realized you were asking about the IKEDA base IT-VTA-06 not the B-60, my reply doesn't apply
Luis, if there is no engraved serial number near the black knob then it's not the original FR B-60. Just sayin'
Thank you for the tip @chakster good to know
For those in the US and needing plastic tipped set screws McMaster Carr has them in both Metric and Imperial.
Chakster, how would you compare the VTA adjustment on the B-60 to the VTA adjuster on the Victor tonearms?