Anyone try the Paul Speltz Anti Wires?

I liked what they did in my system but, but then I had really cheap Audioquest prior to that so I had no where to go but up. I ordered them blind after the blurb in TAS.

I was curious to see if anyone else has tried them/like them/hated them etc.
Try clicking this link. Type in the word "Speltz" and you'll get access to many threads that describe folk's impressions of them (as well as other products he makes).

Hi, IMHO they are one of the best audio bargains available. Are there better cables? Yes, but (IMHO again) they cost much more. Until you hear a cable in your system that you feel is better and worth the extra dollars (and only you can decide where that threshold is) then I highly recommend the Speltz. They have bettered cables in my system costing 10x as much. Jeff
The Audio Art Cables blow them away, for only a few more bucks. I did a direct shootout comparison - see my previous thread - and the Audio Arts beat even expensive Cardas in my system. YMMV of course, but try 'em, you'll like 'em!
hi slaw3:

why do you prefer the audio art cable over the anti cables (i assume interconnect and speaker) ?

i think the term "blows them away is too ambiguous to be used in an audio discussion. it is better to be factual, as reporter when describing listening experiences.
the autoformers did wonders for my OTL amp/ML CLS set up, especially in the midrange and bass, which went from bloated to firm.
Useless audiofool phrases

Blows them away
Jaw dropping
Lifted the veil

There was a thread on this some time ago. It should be required reading before posting.
Sorry, didn't mean to be vague, just brief.
In my system, the Speltz cables initially sounded OK, but after extended listening I found that they emphasized the highs, lacked soundstage depth, and masked the "air" around instruments and vocals. To me they just sounded "hifi".
The Audio Art cables - both ICs and Speaker cables - gave me back that sense of space and air, and a sound that is simply the most musical I've had in my system. Timbres are right on, nothing is spotlit or out of balance, plenty of detail presented, and I find I listen longer and more often just get lost in the music (not the equipment).
The Cardas cables had nice depth and air, but a reticient high end that bothered me after a while. The Xindak cables I also had on hand to compare I found to be very good as well, and a great value, but a little too bright for my taste (kind of the Anti-Cardas cables).
It has been said here many times before and I'll say it again - I find cables to be very system dependent. I love the Audio Art cables - but your mileage may vary. But luckily Audio Art has a test drive program that will basically cost you nothing. I tried 'em - and kept them!
My system:
Shanling T-100 CD Player
VPI MkIV Table with Sumiko Blackbird
Audible Illusions M3A Preamp
Nuforce Ref 9 Monoblocs
Audio Physic Virgo speakers

Hopefully this helps!
Snofun3 Forgot:

Aren audio art cables manufactured by DH labs product line??? Hmmmm
01-17-07: Snofun3
Useless audiofool phrases

Blows them away
Jaw dropping
Lifted the veil

There was a thread on this some time ago. It should be required reading before posting.

That about sums it up.. Excellent Post..


According the their website DH Labs designed the cables. I'm curious what the differece's are between these and the DHL offerings?

I've just about made up my mind to give the AA IC's and speaker cables a go, but can't help to think maybe I should just go to the source.

The Speltz seem to keep getting alot of press on various forums, so there seems to be many happy customers.
no, the audio art cables are not manufactured by dh labs. you can read the history and philosophy of audio art cables here.
not associated with audio arts just a happy owner.