Anyone try the new Parasound Phono Stage?

The JC3 is available now, just wondering if anyone has tried it, what they think of it compared to other phono stages etc.
The JC 3 is not yet available, although a finished preproduction unit has been shown. The JC 3 is in production as I write this, but the first such unit has not yet arrived. I have followed its progress from the beginning, with ongoing information from John Curl who is the principal designer of the product as well as the good folks at Parasound. I look forward to getting them as soon as they are available.
I a would also like know as well? I had a Vendetta Research for while and was great and I hear that the new JC 3 is designed also by John Curl as well.
Acoustic Sounds is advertising them in its recent holiday catalog, so it must be shipping.
@Thesoundhouse: Yes, it's a Curl design. Don't expect it to be in the same league as the Vendetta. It will be interesting to compare them side by side here, though.

@Buconero: Just because AS jumped the gun doesn't mean it's available. It isn't.
Just today I was informed the first production run of JC 3s has shipped. I accepted a customer order and anticipate the first shipment around the end of next week.
Anyone try this model yet?
The JC 3 is a great phono preamp. The results I'm getting may well have to do with the associated equipment, as it is largely Parasound, too. There is a sense of power from LPs I hadn't experienced to this extent with previously auditioned phono stages. That might be due to good impedance matching from end to end. Also, the output is balanced. I'm happy to have stumbled into this lashup, no matter what accounts for the wondrous sound. An initial impression is the sense of unlimited space. Images within that space are well-delineated. There is a very low noise floor and fine low level detail.
The sound is dynamic, compelling. The JC 3 placed the vocalists in vivid 3D playing A Singer Must Die from Famous Blue Raincoat. Big tone. Fremer's review is in the next Stereophile. That'll be interesting.
That holographic effect I praised in the ARC PH7 is there with the JC 3. There is the sense of a complete harmonic envelope.
in the new Stereophile, Fremer listens to it along side the Allnic, Pass Labs and Ypsilon
The comparison (if any) to the Sutherland 20/20 reviewed in the last issue will be interesting
the JC3? There must now be more than a handful of audiophiles listening to this phono unit? Thoughts most appreciated.