Anyone try the new J A Michell Rega Counterweight/

I just installed this on my P25 RB600 tonearm and what a difference. I was looking at the ClearAudio and the Express Machining counterweight replacements, but the JA Michell was unique in design so I thought I'd try it. I can't make a comparison with the other brands but the design and build quality of the JA Michell tells me I made the right choice. I really recommend that any REGA TT owners seriously look at this. I immediately noticed a more deeper defined bass and a much more detailed presentation as well as the sound stage is much wider than before.
I have the more modest Rega RB-300 tonearm. A similar marvelous improvement has followed my installing the F-2 Titanium Heavyweight Counterweight sold by Audiogon member/dealer Gregory Kerry of Kerry Audio Designs Inc. With this aftermarket counterweight there is enhanced tonal richness to accompany the description of benefits you listed. This is a quality improvement one has to hear to believe a counterweight can make such a difference. Just wanted the Rega RB-300 owners to know an upgrade path exists for them, too.
Expressimo Heavyweight also does the trick. However, I do like the looks and features of the new Michell counterweight better. It looks cool, lowers the center of mass, and has what appears to be a micro-adjuster. Probably the best combination of sonics and features. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks very promising.

Thanks for your report.
Also a not so well known company makes a REGA counterweight. The company is VSE, there site is, I am thinking about ordering this counterweight for my arm, he claims the lowest center of gravity on the market. The "Wedge" goes for $89.
I don't like the counterwight. It made sound hard and dull.
My P25 was better without it, the sound was more open and
Does anybody know if this Michell upgrade will work with Origin Live tonearms, say the Silver 250?