Anyone try Teo GC Jr interconnects yet?

Hello friends,
I’ve been doing some research (and obsessing a bit) as I consider changing interconnects. 
I currently have a solid core silver Clear Day IC running from my Odyssey Kismet stereo amp to a custom made 6SN7/ 76 based tube preamp. I have a Silnote Morpheus Series II, Mk II IC running from the pre to my MHDT Stockholm II DAC. My source is a MacBook Pro. Speakers are Vandy 2Ce Sig 2s, and speaker cable is also Clear Day Shotgun, true biwire. 

Anywho, I enjoy the system currently- very detailed, yet organic and good tone, staging, dynamics, etc.
 But... the reviews and forums describing the Teo GC interconnects have really piqued my interest. I’m definitely more of a music lover than a “hifi” guy, if that makes sense. 
Based on what I’ve described, would the GC Jrs be worth checking out?
Advice is much appreciated. 
Trying to stay under $500 a pair for an unbalanced pair of ICs. 
OK.....the following may be a bit of help. The GC Jnr. was the end result of a development stream that began with the design of the Kronon. After some thinking we realized that applying some of the lessons we had learned could be applied to the rest of the line-up. As a result, the original GC became a better sounding GC 2, the Ultra was hatched, and finally, by being a bit smart with some of the simpler Kronon based lessons, and a bit lucky, we developed the GC Jnr, which ended up sounding a bit better than the original GC , and somewhat less expensive. 

So bottom line, you can get a fairly good idea what the GC Jnr sounds like by looking at reviews of the old GC. To our ears it retains the same musical mid-range but with a slightly tighter bottom end, and a bit more air on the top. We were actually quite proud of ourselves with that final result because it provides such great performance at a very reasonable price point ( in fact given the performance/price ratio this may be our best design yet ).

Now I realize that was a lot of bits but I hope that helps. And btw the same old money back policy still applies.
taras 22
Is there a place where information on the costs of the entire line of liquid cables is available? RCA and XLR?  I don't know if you are selling any double run cables yet.


Well we do have an ad here on Audiogon for an entry level double cable. It sounds pretty terrific and in short order we will be making double cables using more expensive wire assemblies. Not sure of the exact time frame of those releases but we are working on this as quickly as we can ( this cable style has some wicked potential but we want to be absolutely sure to get it right before we send it out the door because there is nothing worse for everyone when progress comes out in dribs and drabs ).
Thank you for the information.  I did not think to check on Audiogon.  Will do so.
@taras22 So the current Teo Audio products offerings are now:
GC Ultra,
DX GC-Jr (parallel configuration of 2 GC-Jr’s in one cable assembly),
Ultra Plus,
Kronon and
Reference Ne Plus Ultra?
....and a RCA/RCA spdif cable....

...and speaker cables. (ouch!)

We have balanced cables but have to design our own xlr connectors in order to get them out into the field again.

It may be the ultimate technology for balanced cables. It’s all about what a balanced cable is supposed to be doing..where and how it has faults (as a concept and realization)... and what the fluid metal does to disarm these given faults.
Yes, those products as well. And a soon-to-be-released splitter...I gather, too. 
Thank you for the information and description @taras22 of the Jr. 
Now the delicate process of pitching my purchase to my wife! : )
@lincnabby Try selling whatever cable you intend to replace with the new acquisition. It’s easier to justify a “need” purchase over a “want” purchase to one’s spouse. Lol
And there are also the Solfeggio and the Ref J ( which are lesser brethren of the Reference Ne Plus Ultra, and unfortunately priced accordingly, read more ouch ).
How does the GC-2 and GC jr compare with each other? I have the GC original and I’m quite happy with it.
In our listening tests, both of the new cables had somewhat better low end articulation, and more air. The GC-2 has a noticeably lower floor which allows a cleaner view of the soundstage and sounds, uhhh, quicker. All three cables have a very similar musical midrange and a strong family resemblance. 

Please note the differences mentioned above are gleaned from a direct comparison. And though there are differences I would be very happy to live with any of those three cables. They all are very musical cables that within a short time immerse you in the music and far away from furrowed brow analysis.

Or put another way, would I flip one cable for another. The short answer is no. But if I were starting from scratch you now have options. If that makes any sense.
Taras22:  Very helpful to know. Thank you. I’m staying put. 
Just an FYI PSA, @jayctoy started a new thread about the Schroeder Merhod. It is here: