Anyone try Supra LoRad 2.5 PCs?

I'm thinking of giving these a try as I'm still using stock power cords (I know, I know). I'm sure there will be an improvement but wondering if anyone has tried these and how they may compare to some other PCs out there. As always, thanks for thoughts.
I own this powercord. It was a pretty big improvement over any stock cord. Good clean sound, but a little bass shy. I was more impressed by the Supra speaker cables than the powercord... You will not regret upgrading your pc's. I think alot of people on A'gon use Signal Cable and Pangea for budget cords also.
The Supra LoRad 2.5 is an improvement over stock cords. I run cables in series and I use the Supra LoRads to patch into my high end cables using Bybee products. I would never use the Supras alone in my system because they do not have the sonic qualities that my system needs but they may suit your needs.
Thanks guys. Have you tried the 2.5 on amps as well as preamps, DACs, etc.? I read a review where they did ok on lower current devices but not so well on amps, so wondering what your experience is here.

Where I am is I have no budget for PCs right now, but I can get three 2.5s for about $180 if I attach plugs myself that I can swing (but there's no trial period if I go this route so no going back). Then again, seems like $300 PCs (MAC, Morrow, Triode Wire Labs, etc.) reach a significantly higher level of performance (that my system is good enough to take advantage of) and wondering if I should just wait and save for the better cords (but that will take a while)? Given this would you stick with the stock cords or would the performance gains of the 2.5s be worth it for a while? Thanks again.
In my personal experience (although peeps might not agree?)I have gotten more dramitic results on digital and pre-amp products than amps when changing pc's. I don't know why seeing as they draw less power, just my experience... If I were in your position, I would take a long look at Pangea pc's from the Audio Advisor. (not affilitated) It seems there are a large number of happy users here on A'Gon, and they are right in line with your budget.
Soix, I'm using a Lorad 2.5 attached to my Rowland model 8. It's an excellent power cord and far superior to the Shunyata Diamondback that I was using before. However,I do think it is important to use a better plug than what Supra my case, i am using the Wattgate plugs.
Soix and Daveyf,
I only use Oyaide plugs and IECs with Supra LoRad. I tried the Supra plug and IEC. The sound was as poor as the quality.
Thanks guys. So, what I'm thinking is that I want something a little beefier for my SS amp that puts out about 125W. I'm considering getting a 5 foot run of DH Labs Power Plus (7 bucks per foot) for my amp since it might appreciate the added bulk, and then get two runs of LoRad 2.5 (about 5 bucks per foot) for my pre and DAC. I'll be buying some Wattgate plugs to attach to all of them (Oyaide just not in the budget right now), but given the small price differential should I just do all DH Labs for all three or would that be unwise or overkill? Do you think the LoRads might sound better for the preamp and/or DAC applications? Any other cables I should consider here that might substantially better these for a few bucks more? I'm sure they'll all be an improvment over stock cords, but while I'm doing this I might as well maximize whatever I'm getting out of it.

By the way, it seems really easy to terminate your own power cables if you have a small screwdriver and only takes like 20 minutes or so per cable. And looks like it costs something like three times the price to have a company terminate them for you (i.e. I can basically build a $210 PC for 70 bucks). I know labor is a major cost factor, but at this point in my understanding this seems a little out of whack given the simple labor involved and maybe a fairly well-kept secret in the audio industry, no? Thanks again for all your help and thoughts.
Soix, my Rowland puts out 250 watts/ch. Can do 25 watts/ch pure class A and therefore it draws.. the Lorad works VERY well with this amp ( make sure you get the Lorad 2.5 and NOT the smaller version). BTW, the amp needs a 20 amp iec and the Wattgate that I use is the same model that Nordost uses on their Brahma.
Thanks Daveyf. Looks like I'll go all LoRad 2.5s with Wattgates and see how it works out. Incidentally, what kind of differences did you notice versus the Diamondbacks and any others (i.e. stock, etc.) you may have tried? Have you tried it on a preamp, CDP, DAC? If so how did it do in those applications? Thanks again.
Soix, I haven't tried the Lorad on any other component. All of my other gear uses 15 amp iec's and I have dedicated power cords for those pieces.
Compared to the Diamondback, the Lorad was a lot quieter and seemed to bring the bottom end to life more with a clarity that the Diamondback couldn't match. Compared to stock, that's where the dividends really came into play, a nice improvement across the board.
I just built two double-run ("shotgun") PCs out of LoRad 2.5 with Furutech Edison and IEC connectors (FI-25M-N1, FI-25). The shotgun construction gave me the equivalent of 9 AWG wire. I'm using them for a Cambridge Audio Azur 840C CD player and a Perreaux SM6 MKII preamp. The PCs now have about 25 hours on them.

The improvement over stock PCs was apparent immediately, and the improvement was dramatic. The improvement was on all dimensions -- spatialization, dynamics, timbre and definition.

I completed the work on the PCs at about 2:30am one morning, started listening immediately, and was so pleased with the result that I stayed up listening to various tracks for another hour. I should have taken some time to burn in the cables, but I was impatient.

I was most impressed with the difference in the clarity in renditions of complex orchestral music -- e.g., Solti's Chicago Symphony performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Before installing these cables I had a slight "muddle in the middle" ranges of complex passages with rapid transients -- this despite numerous upgrades in ICs and mods to my vintage Polk Audio SRSs. These prior improvements had significantly reduced the "muddle," but did not completely eliminate it. Installation of the Supra LoRad 2.5 PCs appears to have eliminated it.

I can't say how single runs would work, but this particular shotgun build with LoRad 2.5 produced a great result for me, far better than I expected. I also found the cable much easier to work with than other 9-12 AWG cable.
I quite like this cable - it's neutral and fine.

The Supra connectors are limiting, but then it seems out of whack to use the LoRad with expensive Furutechs. As a cable, I think it's a great budget choice.
I have said this before in another thread, the Supra Lorad 2.5 is the best cable I have come across for removing RF from my computer PC box, but for AV systems it is not good.

If you are in this price range, stretch to $150 for the Cabledyne copper ribbon power cable. It's substantially better in every respect for both audio and video.

I recently went back to pre and amp separates after using an integrated for a long time. I was short a cable, so used the Supra Lorad on the pre-amp. Once another Cabledyne was shipped to me, fresh out the box - it was much better.

This experience reconfirms the A-B testing I did with the Supra Lorad years ago, its just not that good.
All my Lorad cables use the rubbish Supra connectors though, and the Cabledyne has the Wattgate's so its not truly an apples to apples comparison I admit.
Agisthos, IF you are using the Supra connector's you haven't heard this cable, IMHO. The standard connector's are garbage compared to the Wattgate's or Furutech's. Try the Supra with Wattgate's and then get back to us.
I just spent this morning doing that (replacing the Supra connectors with some Wattgates I had lying around) -- big improvement! A very open, airy, clear and neutral sound. Wonder what Furutechs would do.
DaveyF: Is there a connector that you could recommend for $100usd for the set? Do you recommend copper or gold? I am currently using the Supra connectors and would like to experiment..
Ref. Wattgate plugs: I own the Cabledyne cords and they are excellent for the money around $160. I did try these cords with the Furutech FI-50 series plugs and the sound improved greatly (with the addition of better outlets) but at far more dollars. With the upgraded plugs, it brought the price up to $660 but now the cord easily compares to cords in the 4-figure price range.

In summary plugs do matter.
I used the LoRad to replace Volex 17604 (some self terminated) that I had been using for many years. First on my Oppo (did a listening test) then on my 200 W/Ch amp (13 AWG is plenty sufficient - the LoRad easily beat the 7 AWG Pangea) and also did a listening test. Removed just enough grunge. Improved the bass. Then changed it on my preamp w/o test.

Am using Valab Taiwanese connectors, excellent and cheap. Rhodium plated copper. Very tight connections to wires and a super grip on the IEC. Beyond that I fail to see what very expensive terminations offer.
Mik971, I would suggest the Wattgate plugs. Check their website and go with the best that you can afford.