Anyone try Pvane tubes in your Dac or CD player?

I am looking to upgrade the Electroharmonics tubes in my Vincent CD player.Pvane sold by GrantFidelity sound interesting.I have tried RCA clear tops[awesome mids,no highs,no bass]Phillips[awesome highs and bass, flat mids]Any suggestions would be welcome.
Evidently you need suggestions for a 12AU7. My heart is still with NOS or OS more likely these days. All decent NOS tubes seem to have become crazy expensive thus their use may be out of the question. The 12AU7 I would recommend is an Amperex white lable USA made early 60s. If you want a cleaner clear strong signal get a German tube.
Absent anymore NOS type playing around, I have heard very good things about the upscale Chinese tubes but have none myself.
(BTW Philips owned almost everything by the 60s but the tubes still have their individual sound, thus a Mullard was rich and warm and an Amperex very detailed etc.)
i tried a pavne tube in an eastern electric i was not a happy camper. i'll stick to nos, such as brimar and mullard, or rca.
I just bought some great tubes from Kevin at Upscale Audio. If you can get past the ego, he'll have a recommendation.
Thanks for everyone's input.I'm trying to make an informed decision since you can't audition and return them like cables.Like you said Mechans,it gets crazy expensive.BTW,the Vincent has 3 12ax7s and 1 12au7.$$$ Have a great weekend all!
I bought two Pvane 12AX7s for my Lamm ML2.1s, from Grant Fidelity, and they have been great.

One of the 12ax7s bit the dust tonight:< so I orderd some Pvanes since they are half the cost of the nos tubes I long to try.They can't be any worse than what's in there now[electroharmonics and generic Chinese]I'll post again and let ya'll know how it worked out,in case you are curious.Metralla,checked out your system,nice!Thanks again for all of the responses.
I tried their 12AU7 in an EE DAC, sounded bloated and fuzzy to me. IMO not worth the price.
11-03-12: Jtcf writes:
Metralla,checked out your system,nice!

Holy smoke, that is ancient history now. I need to update that page. I replaced the modified Sony XA777ES with a Sony XA5400ES 3 years ago, and replaced the Welborne Labs Laurels with a pair of Lamm ML2.1s.

Thanks for reminding me.

I hope the Pvanes work out well for you.

I bought two Pvane 12AU7s for my Lamm LL2.1, and they have been great.
Josefm,that is depressing:< Guess I'll find out soon if they match up better w/the Vincent.What 12au7 worked out for you?
Metralla, Lamm ML2.1!Sigh,I am envious.The only tube amps I've owned were QuickSilver minimites which I did enjoy,but had no bass to speak of so I went back to ss amps.All else is tubed though.I will post my system one of these days,under"budget systems"
Jtcf, I settled on NOS Brimar 13D5 for the DAC. However I found the Brimars a tad too "tubey" for use in my CAT pre linestage where I currently use the reissue TungSol 12AU7.
i have a vincent cd player. probably different from the op. mine is the cd s6. it takes a 12ax7, a 6dj8(6922) and a 12 au7. strangely enough the best 12au7 for the application was the original stock chinese 12au7. i tried nos tubes, but found them thin, by comparison.
I agree with Mrtennis and Jtcf. They sucked in the EE DAC.

In fact, the Psvane series seems to suck in general. I do like the Black Treasures, but haven't liked a Psvane to date! Lots of unjustified hype and silly group think.
I hope they don't totally suck!If so I will give the Tung-Sols a try and maybe Tungstrum.I did email Upscale Audio,but they never got back to me.I may end up giving them a call since they sell Vincents.
Mrtennis mine is an S6MK and I don't remember if the difference was the addition of balanced outputs or headphone volume control.Interesting that the tubes are different.Two EH 12ax7,one chinese 12AX7b, and the chinese 12AU7.What tubes are you using?
i use a chinese 12au7, mullard gold pin 6922. and tungsram 12ax7
Thought I'd update in case anyone is curious.First of all,I discovered that the two electroharmonix tubes which are labeled 12ax7 are in fact 6922 tubes.Anyway,now I have a couple of spare 12ax7s.I replaced the one chinese 12ax7 with a pvane and it sounds pretty darn good.Only have four hours on it so far but am very impressed.It is so much quieter,very detailed in all frequencies and very slightly sweet.The bass is outstanding.The only downside is the soundstaging is not as deep.Have to give it more time of course,then mess with speaker positions.Then start trying 6922s.If anyone has suggestions feel free.Mullard gold pin is on my list so far per Mrtennis.Thanks for all the input everyone!