Anyone try purple and orange with green CD edge?

I hate to judge before all the facts are in, but while the color green on the outer edge of the CD can be quite effective, the additional colors purple and ornage bring quite a lot of focus and soundstage to the table. one inch stripes orange on opposite sides of the CD, North and South, one inch stripes purple (violet) East and West. fill reamining portion of edge with bright green. For this task use transparent permanent ink pens like, say, Sharpie. the Brush version of Shaprie pens work very well for this project, the Fine Tip pens will work too.
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C'mon, Elizabeth + others, GEoff's new CD coloring product is only bidding for a buck here at present. Get'em while they're hot! Kid's would love it! Might be the ticket to get them interested in audio.