Just wondering. I have purchased two pairs of my favorite interconnects---Kubala-Sosna Emotions on this site. Previously I have three pairs from dealers.

I have wound up with two pairs that were listed here--they were significantly "off"---sound was nowhere near the Soundstage of my direct purchases. Each purchase was from either an Eastern European source or Asia.

I wanted some feedback--also to WARN those who are looking at current listings on this site--as I believe I just got burned on a pair. Hoping to sort out with Joe directly. Numbers on most recent set were traced to Spain, 2007---

Feedback is welcome.
There was one from the UK I was interested in getting but that sold very quickly. Hope that was OK for the buyer.
I heard from another buyer that he got scammed by someone selling Kubala. I think Audiogon suspended the seller if memory serves. Just got burned myself on another (non-cable) product purchase from a definite fraud perpetrator; he did it at felony levels though so we are definitely not done yet! Joe's a great guy (I have Elation AES and Expression clock cables and love them); your best bet is to deal only with him or his dealers.
already sent cables to Joe to evaluate---verified the serial numbers with him prior, and they matched up. Something is way off with the soundstage versus my other Kubala Emotions. Only my dealer from now on.

Everyone has a budget. And this is a very expensive hobby---especially after one has decided to replace every interconnect he has--