Anyone try McCormack DNA + Placette Passive?

I have a McCormack DNA-125, and I am thinking of getting a Placette Passive Preamp. Has anyone tried this combination or another passive with the McCormack DNA amps that works well? Or tried them and they DON'T work well. All opinions appreciated. Thanks.
Hi, not in your context, but I used the Placette with several different amps (tube and solid state) and was always amazed by it's performance. Definitely worth the +,- $750.00 used to give it a try. Just take note that the length of the interconnects between the Placette and your amp should be kept at a minimum....1 meter or less.
I've used the Placette Passive Linestage with great success also. One caveat: Your source HAS to have adequate output to drive your amp without any further gain. Some of my favorite albums were recorded at lowered levels to avoid using compressors, and so offered lowered output voltages, making them less than exciting to listen to. If your source(be it CDP, MC and head-amp or tuner) has the juice: The Placette is just excellent in it's transparency.
McCormack passives work well with McCormack amps?....reason would dictate that others would to.

Go for it.

Thanks all. The Sonic Euphoria TVC-based passive pre popped up on the radar screen. I assume that would work well too, and may be better at lower listening levels. Thoughts?
I am currently using a Promitheus Ref 4 TVC a with an older pair of passive friendly DNA-1 monoblocks. The Ref 4 is much better in every respect than either the McCormack TLC-1 or Endler resistor based volume controls I used previously. The Ref 4/McCormack seems to be a pretty nice combination to me. No problems with impedance mismatch, insufficient gain, or cable length with this option. I have rather insensitive speackers (Magneplanar 1.6) and rarely go beyond 1 o'clock on the volume. I would suggest you consider the Promitheus along with the Placette and Sonic Euphoria. These are all good values and resale should be good. One might do some A/B comparison and keep the best match in your system.
I have owned the Placette RVC, Placette Active, K&K SB102 -I now have a Bent TAP-X which is the newest version with using autoformers -- let's just say that if you are going to try a passive it should be given serious consideration. What has also worked very well in my system context (sensitive tube amps with high inout impedance) is the Goldpoint SA-1 stepped attenuator with a list price of $312. The transformer and autoformer passives do eliminate concerns of impedance matching and cable lenghts.
The DNA 125 has an input sensitivity of 1.0v so it should work well with a passive provided you have a good source.
I briefly tried a Placette passive with a DNA-1 Deluxe and it worked just fine. As someone noted earlier, make sure that your source has a reasonably low output impedance.

I personally found both the Placette Passive and Placette active to provide better resolution than a Bent unit. YMMV.
Had the DNA 0.5 Rev A (now with my sister) paired to a Bent Audio NOH TVC. Very musical combo!
Before I moved I had the McCormack TLC-1DLX connected to a Pair of DNA-1DLX Golds for vertically bi-amping which yielded great results, after I moved and had my system setup I tried the McCormack Micro Line Drive that was upgraded to Gold by SMC audio. The results were so outstanding I have yet to put the TLC-1 back in the system. I'm talking this is what transparency is all about, this pre-amp is not there at all with deeper blacker backgrounds than I thought possible. One of the good things about the Micro Line Drive is it has both Passive and Active output, so if you don't like one you can switch to the other. Also the active side has an adjustable output. As a side note I only had the TKD Conductive Plastic Volume Control installed not the more expensive TKD Stepped Attenuator and have nothing but regrets for not having the better one installed. The TLC will be going in for the Platinum upgrade real soon.
I had the McCormack ALD-1 Rev A with the TKD stepped attenuator (top-of-the-line) which Steve fitted and can vouchsafe that the TKD is outstanding. At low volume, you lose none of the detail that you would enjoy at higher listening levels.