Anyone try Jolida 402 Tuner?

I am curious about the sound of this unit having never heard it.I'd like to avoid an etched sound and wonder if the tubes in this design are sufficient to do that.Anyone try rolling tubes with it? And what about mods ,worth the extra cost? I'd be feeding this into an ASL 1001dt which has been modded to take either KT88 or EL34.Thanks in advance for all responces. John
John... funny you should ask. Just about two weeks ago, I purchased the fully modded 402 tuner from Underwood Audio ($1050 delivered). It's still not fully broken in yet, but I can say that the sound is noticeably better than my Magnum Dynalab DT-5 ($1000)... although the Magnum Dynalab does a noticeably better job of pulling in more FM stations than my modded Jolida. For my purposes, since I live in a metropolitan area (St. Louis suburb), reception is not too big of an issue (I use a Magnum Dynalab ST-2 whip antenna). I'm very pleased with the sound of this unit, the build quality is good, and I recommend it.
Magnum Dynalab DT-5 is a wonderful tuner. I use mine in San Diego and pull in LA stations with a wonderful smooth sound.