Anyone try EMT TSD15 with K&K?

I'm trying to find a phono stage with volume control to use with my EMT. I've always wanted the K&K but I wondering if it would be a good match for my EMT. Or is there something else that would be better at a reasonable price.... which mean not a Shindo :)
I go with these
I have an original EMT 139 st, but I prefer
TIB 1/40.
I believe Art Dudley liked the SilverCore SUT with the Tsd-15.
I can't recall the model, but it was around $600. I have no idea of the K&K's price, so not sure what your $ range is???
That's right! I forgot. I then would have to find a MM phono stage with volume control to match. My budget is about $2500.
I think the K & K (not maxxed out) MM stage is around $1650 MM or $2K w/ built in Lundahl SUT. I think Kevin does VC, because the Art Audio PS had this option. These prices are assembled, as I understood it from his website.
I'll email Kevin. If I can get it less than 2K and then I can go for the Silvercore or a used A23 if one pops up. Thanks.
keep in mind the K&K/A23 combo will be 64db of gain at the lowest setting.