Anyone try Decware silver interconnects?

The writeup on the Decware site is quite intriguing but has anyone here tried them? Thanks.
I had a piar of the Decware ic's. Because I ended going balanced, I sold them to someone who had Shindo equipment & cables. He thought the Decware as equal to the Shindo ic's.
Very pleased with my set. Priced very fairly IMO.
I've the Decware DSR II 1 meter with Silver Xhadow connectors and they are brilliant. Best cables I've run with all of the sought after attributes of detail, imaging and dynamics. Best cable before those were my MAC Mystics. Can be bettered I'm sure, for ridiculous amounts of dinero.

For reference my system: Naim Uniti music server, Naim DAC V1, Silver Shadow digital cable, Manley Jumbo Shrimp preamp, Mahi Mahi mono blocks, Decware speaker cables, Merlin MME monitors.
Celtic66, was not MAC, now RAC, the builder of Decware cables ?
I use MAC and RAC because they are very musical AND not expensive .
I own several MAC/RAC cables and PCs and for the price they perform above the price point
I've no idea if MAC/RAC is/was the builder of Decware cables. Just know what I hear and always liked MAC ICs. Now i like the Decware because of the Silver Xhadow connectors.
I know,fact certain, that MAC made Decwares power cords.
would these cables work with TT's?