Anyone try APC's conditioner?

We use a lot of APC's (Advanced Power Conversion) heavy duty battery backups and power conditioners at work. 3000 VA jobs that output a pure sine wave during battery delivery. I've always thought they would probably be able to make a decent conditioner for audio use. I've seen ads in the last couple of audio rags indicating this has finally happened. Does anyone know anything about these units?
Expecting one in about 2 weeks.

I'll be very curious to get your read your thoughts on this, Kal. I think I'm going to call APC tomorrow and ask them if there's really anything specially designed in these audio-targeted products of theirs. At work we occasionally disposition stuff, and I think I can get my hands on one of the pure sine wave 3000 VA jobs. Of course, I'll have to put in a 20 amp line to use it, but if I can get it, it might be worth it!
I have used APC Smart 600 and 1000 and 1250 and Triplight LC1800 conditioners on my system and it was the most congested/limited dynamics and noisy system I have ever heard.. Computer conditioners sounded aweful no matter how successful they are at maintaining voltage or conditioning through a battery.
I wonder why that is? And what APC will do to their audio series to eliminate that?
APC = American Power Conversion. I should know as it is a Rhode Island based company.
Thanks for the correction!
believe it or not, I used to work for APC back in mid 90s. Good, reputable company with solid engineering although more toward practical than performance. But the rest like Monsters, I don't even trust their engineering! Not sure their new conditioner, is it high-end and for audio market?

But I don't know what makes it special for audio use.
I just came across the APC s10 and APC s15 yesterday. I watched parts of Toystory and Star Wars through an Adcom DVD player (their best) connected to a Panasonic plasma TV (their best) using Tributary component cables (copper). Both TV and DVD player were running off the APC s10. In my limited experience in this field, the picture quality I witnessed there was the best I've ever seen anywhere! This unit should definitely be considered for any systems where video quality is paramount, and to be true to my word ... I am considering one for my Sony projector (VPL-VW12HT).