Anyone tried Wywire yet?

They're a new cable company with extremely good user feedback from those who have tried them, and just de-throned the Audience AU24E as best under $1000 by PFO Positive-Feedback, yet no one talks about 'em.

I seem to be one of like 10 people on the web that speak of these things and I'm wondering why the silence. I've got the same exact thing going on with my new speakers at the moment (Zu Soul Superflys).

I know you guys are out there, what are your thoughts?
OH MY HOLY MODAL MAJESTY!!! Are these freakin' wires ever freakin' GOOOOOOD!

I already had a pair from Alex (CDP to pre) which I really liked. Clear, revealing, open, and well balanced (end to end frequency spectrum). These were the first wires I heard which excelled at all frequencies, top-middle-bottom, with no anaomalies, at least none which I noticed in my system. And I had tried some well regarded cables costing more than these.

So I decided to try a 2nd pair (12 feet), this time for my pre to monoblock amps. Out of the box I did not like them at all (sounded thin and harsh to me), as if one set in my system improved clarity, but adding a second set was too much for most of the digital recordings I tried. They seemed sort of OK for very well recorded music such as Art Pepper CDs, but not for lesser or hot recordings, such as Bloomfield Kooper Stills' Super Session. At the time I had no more patience to burn in yet another cable so I put out an APB for anyone out there who would be willing to cook these for me - I thought to give them a fair shake this way before passing judgement. A kind and generous person cooked both sets of cables for me. I hooked them up today and ... WOW! These are awesome! Clearest, cleanest, most natural and open sounding cables without anomolies I've ever owned. Tonal quality is spot on. Cymbals sound great. Music flows with natural ease.
There are multiple reviews on Positive Feedback Online - Very positive! Available for sale at CryoParts.
Also, the company name is WyWires, not WyWire
Yes i have tried them and they are very good. I guess i would not recommend a cable unless a way out was available. The 60 day gaurantee makes it real comfortable to give a try.