Anyone tried Voodoo or TG Audio PCs?

Everyone here seems to rave on the BMI Whale Elite powercords. But at $400+/cord, it is a bit hard to swallow for me to buy 5 cords. I've noticed two other PCs for around $200 -$250. One is the Voodoo Mana, and the other is the TG Audio HSR-i. Has anyone tried these cords? Is the Whale Elite that much better that it is worth $400?

My system consists of:
digital source: Mark Levinson #37 (transport) + Genesis Digital Lens + Sonic Frontier SFD2 MkII (D/A)
analog source: Michell Orbe SE + SME V + Benz cartridge
phone stage: ARC PH3 SE (detachable PC)
preamp: ARC LS-2B MkII (no detachable PC)
amp: Mark Levinson #333 (no detachable PC)
The digital fronts and the preamp are running through a PS Audio P300 with 2 Synergistic Master Coupler and 1 Marigo PCs. The P300 is plugged into the wall through a MIT Z-Cord I. I've just started setting up my analog rig, so I've been looking for a powercord for my phono stage, one to replace the Z-cord, and if I noticed that much of a difference, replace those on the digital front.

Any suggestion on how to proceed from here would be gratly appreciated too. Maybe a comgination of various PCs?
I just bought a TG Audio HSR Power Cord for my power amp (Audio Research 100.2). It was a big improvement over the stock power cord, but I have not had time to compare it to the Master Coupler that is on my preamp (Audible Illusions). The TG Audio cord gave a much tighter and more controled bass, along with better ambience (better attack and dekay of instruments). I got the power cord used for $115 and it was well worth it!
Not me, but I was looking at those Voodoo PC's just last night. Check out that 'buzz' section on their website. Anything goofy about it? Looks pretty contrived to me. The only thing missing is a perfect two sentence testimonial from Ill. and Fla. for a grand-slam covered-the-whole-country with happy customers. Still, they look pretty cool and use decent materials from what I can tell--can't be that bad to try for what they want for one. Still thinking about it.
J_thunders, you are right. I read those and thought someone probably made them up. I checked out their website and noticed that they are located here in San Francisco Bay Area, and have sent them an e-mail asking if they would be interested in presenting their products to the Bay Area Audiophile Society at one of the meetings. Or better yet, bring their PCs so we can have a listening test with other PCs, and have our golden ear reviewers review them. Haven't heard back from Voodoo, let's wait and see if they will accept the challange.
Gundam, I too emailed them requesting info., nothing as of yet. So you're in the bay area huh? Where were you for the big power cord challenge thread? It all ended with no takers on a pot that had potential. You seem like the kind of guy we needed.
I have tried a HSR-i on both my integrated and CDP and I found they were great cords. I had them on loan for a short time from TG Audio (Bob). They greatly improved the bass, it was more taut and defined but also deeper. Resolution and dynamics were greatly improved as well. Background seemed more quiet too. Basically all the typical things a good power cord does and they seem to do things very well. Tonally they didn't seem to be neither bright nor warm, they didn't impart any sort of coloration, just clean and neutral. They were built very well and looked great too. I highly recommend them.
I have three different versions of Bob Crump's TG Audio HSR power cords with multiples of each. These are spread out between several different systems. There is the HSRi, which is the single run version. This works well for sources, preamps and low to medium current draw amplifiers. Then there is the HSRi Squared, which is the heavy duty double run version. Good for a long run or for amplifiers that "grunt & growl". Then there is the HSRi with either the built in or stand alone "Linesucker". These work best on digital sources, such as transports, DAC's, CD / DVD's, etc... As such, all of these are "reasonably" priced as far as "esoteric" power cords go. As Figuy mentioned, Bob is a nice guy, easy to contact, not hard to get along with and stands behind his product. What more could you ask for out of a businessman ???

Sonically, these are in the "quick, clean & detailed" department. While they do have a low noise floor, i would not say that they have the "blackest of backgrounds". In a direct comparison, i found the Luxor brand of cables ( Top Guns, 11's, etc..) to sound MUCH "blacker". At the same time, they were also slower, lacking in pace and seemed noticeably "warm" and even "dark" in terms of tonal balance. On the other hand, the HSR's seemed to sound more even throughout the frequency range and drew me into the music more. Which one works best is obviously system dependent though. Other than that, i have not checked out any of the VooDoo cords. I do have to admit, the name might sum it all up though : ) Sean
Just one more example in a long line of many why I consider member Sean to be my personal hifi assistant! Now, isn't there a guy that sells Bob Crump power cords for cheap cheap cheap with proceeds going to charity or some such? I know I've been to the website, and are they the same as the above-mentioned TG Audio cords?
Used cord buyers should be aware that there are about 6,000 TG power cords out there as we have been around since 1984. The HSR series was introduced about seven years ago and any of these can be updated to the latest configuration, Gen II, for $25 including return shipping....Original HSR cords can only be updated to the Gen II HSR-I BTW....

Bob Crump
TG Audio/CTC Builders/DDR Mfg
I also have three versions of TG Audio's power cords: HSR "i", HSR "i2" and HSR "A". I use the "i" on my front-end equipment (DAC), the "A" on my tube equipment (pre-amp) and the "i2" on my SS power amps (mono-blocks). ALL the PCs are excellent and a great value. They are very musical, defined, great extension, open soundstage and have a focused bass response. After having the cords in your systems for awhile, you really don't recognize what they bring to the party, until you take them out of your system. I'm currently having my "i2" cords reterminated with 20A connectors, of which I'm anxiously waiting for their return. Marty DeWulf of Bound for Sound, brought them to my attention in his publication.
J, the "Bob Crump Power Cord" is NOT the same as the HSR's. It is a basic design that Bob suggested as being good bang for the buck in a DIY situation. As such, he simply listed some specific parts to use for the wall plug, IEC connector and a specific model # Belden power cord. Others have built them and are even marketing them. Even though this might be a good cord for the money, it does not rank with the HSR's or other well thought out cords. It is however exactly what Bob described it as. A good buy for the cash involved. Sean
I've stated in a few threads lately on this site that TG PC's are the best I've had in my system. I sold my Synergistic Des. Ref Sq., FIM Gold and Cobra PC's and outfitted my system with TG Cables, all for about the price of 1 of the aforementioned cords. Figuy and Sean have described the sound aptly, so I'll refrain. I've not heard Voodoo, but like Seans last statement.
I sell the DIY version of Bob's cords. We call them the Asylum Cords since that is where Bob released his design for us cable tweakers to play with. I build/sell them to raise money for our adoption fund.

They are not meant to compete with Bob's HSR line of cables. As Sean stated they are a good bang/$ but they are not the HSR. I also sell them as kits for people interested in building their own.
Well, no reply from Voodoo for the PC challange. I guess they are afraid to stand behind their products. I have decided to get the PS Audio lab cable for my P300, and a Whale Elite and a HG Audio HSR-i to try.
Sorry, but we never received a "PC challenge" from you. If you are genuinely interested, please contact me at I also understand that there will soon be a power cords "shootout" review featuring the VooDoo Mana Power Cord among others at
Voodoo, thanks for responding to the thread, and thanks for responding to my email inquiry.
Received an e-mail from Bruce from Voodoo Audio. I am hoping to set something up for the local audiophile society comparing several powercords. Sorry Bruce for not been able to update this sooner.
I have recived 2 Voodo Mana cords for my review and so far had very good feeling about them. Good build quality and better overall preformance then HT PRO 11 on my power amps. Still no match for BMI whales yet, but seem to be quite good in it's price category. More on it later
Leon Rivkin
I have the VooDoo Mojo PC in my system (on a Sony SCD-777ES SACD player) and it is a definite improvement over the stock cord. It sounded noticeably duller at first (though very smooth), but I decided to give it some time and listen some more. After a few days of getting accustomed to the sound with the Mojo, I switched back to the stock cord, and the sound immediately became overly edgy, harsh, and gritty. Reinstalling the Mojo restored the smoothness.

Note that I originally tried the Mana PC, but it was a bit too stiff and therefore I couldn't install it satisfactorily in my setup. The Mojo is slightly thinner (but still very thick relative to many other cords, especially in its price range) and is more pliable than the Mana. Also note that the Mojo was the first aftermarket PC I've tried in my system. With all the talk here and elsewhere about the effects (or non-effects) of PCs, I was very curious and the VooDoo PCs looked like good ones to experiment with. They seem to be made extremely well, and are attractively priced. Still, I wasn't sure if I would notice a difference or not compared to the stock cord. If anything, I was expecting better bass, but in fact it was in the treble region where I heard definite differences (for the better).