Anyone tried using Oyaide R 1 with Ribbon speakers

Would it be too much of a good thing?(like too much detail).Shunyata Hydra 8,Purist AA power cords, Wadia digital, Purist AA cables driven by Audio Research VT 200 in a well damped room. Or should I go with something like a different Oyaide outlet or maybe an Fim 880? Thanks for your help.
i have 10 R-1's in my room. my Evolution Acoustic speakers have ribbon tweeters. they loved the change to the R-1. to my ears, the R-1 lowered the noise floor, added a degree of naturalness, increased dynamics and bass articulation.

i heard no upward tilt of the frequency range or any other drawback. i assume your 'too much detail' comment refers to too bright a sound where things sound etched or bleached. that is not the effect of the R-1. it will allow more detail to come thru tho.

the R-1's have been in my system for over a year now.

hard to imagine any negative with a full range ribbon speaker from the R-1.
I concur completely with Mike. I would say the sound moves from hi-fi to more of what it would sound like listening to a live broadcast from the Metropolitan opera. Considerably less "stiff" and much more fluid. Additionally, the soundstage grew, although I cared more for the fact that during climaxes, the sound did not brighten up and it didn't sound as though instruments were being "squeezed" though an opening that only allowed you to hear the loudest instruments. Instead, you heard even flutes during climaxes, and they're very easily lost during climaxes.
This may not be all that helpful, I've tried both and liked both (Fim 880(G)* & Oyaide R1). I don't think you can go wrong with either one. Currently have 2 of each in my system.
PS: R1 may have an edge in build quality but costs more as well.
*880 comes in several versions, (G) is gold plated version.
I should have mentioned that I had FIM 880s in my system prior to the R1s. While I like the FIM, it seems a bit "soft" to my ears, especially in the lower treble. Triangles on nearly every recording I played were less clear, and the strike of metal on metal pretty diminished. The Oyaide returned the lower treble informationn to audibility.
I had 4 R1s in my system and replaced 2 with Fim880(G)s. For me it provided a nice balance.
Obviously, these things differ for each application and personal taste. Whatever works!
Interesting, Rja.
I installed a Teslaplex into the system, and, while others found it immediately involving, I found it a bit hazy and it unquestionably diminshed the timing of cuts in the Mercury Living Presence CD The Nutcracker Suite (the original, not the one Mercury re-released as a CD/SACD version [and a poorer version at that]. However, I wrote to Teslaplex' champion on this site,and he indicated that it took weeks to break in.
Perhaps the combination works well in your system, but the lower treble in the FIMs is definitely less present than either the PS Audio Power Ports and definitely less clear than the R1s. I had noticed this, but attributed it to other things in the system. However, balance is everything.