Anyone tried using a sub on BW Nautilus 802s

I like the Nautilus 802s. They sound very articulate with a nice midrange. But I felt they definitely lacked bass extension. Anyone ever tried a sub on the Nautilus 802s.
I felt that 802 has enough bass already. Maybe it is your amp, speaker wire, interconnect and preamp mismatch.
The other day we were listening to Wilson puppy 5.1 with ML amp and founded that both speaker cables and interconnects made big difference if mismatched.
Yes, I kept using 2 ASW-800 (Matrix) subs that I had with my 801 S3/North Creek speakers. They mate well and are great for the right left channl for DVD but for metal/rock I wouldn't listen without them. I have never thought of eliminating them and I don't think there is much gain in the newer Nautilus subs vs. the loudspeaker line. I even added one to the HTM1 for center channel full range bass. My system was built for 2 channel music but evolved into theater system for family viewing which has been great.
It is most likely your room. Had the same problem with N802s untill moved to a much bigger room. No need for the big velodyne any more.
I have always used a sub with my N802's. My power is the Krell 300cx and biwired with Transparent reference cables. My sub is a 12" Velodyne. I have always liked that little extra bottom end you get from a sub when and if you need it. (I know this will probably be anathema to some audiophiles, but, I have found that some recordings are bass shy and need a little extra punch.)
I have a fairly large room (23 by 40ft, ceiling height between 12ft to 30ft) and the N802 deep bass is still fairly good. It's the extra oomph and warmth and lifelike-ness you want, then a PAIR (2) of subs will be needed. It is also the classic placement problem which requires the speakers to be way out away from the front and side walls for best imaging but cause thinning of bass. I put away but had to drag out again a pair of subs (X-over and biamped at 80Hz x 200WPC) to fill that oh so desirable oomphs. I am very happy with the result! But beware: Bad bass is worse than no bass but no bass is not true high fidelity.