Anyone tried using 3 Magnepan MMGs for L-C-R?

i was wondering if anyone has tried using a MMG for a center channel? it seems it work very nicely with 2 other MMGs making a larger sweet spot. are they any disadavtages to using an up right speaker for a center?
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I have used 3 Maggies for years: MG1.6 at the moment. If your system is used for video the center would obviously need to be alongside the screen, but no big deal.
do you use stands to get the maggies off the floor? do you think that a vert. speaker works well for a center? what type of amp do you use? have you ever had a chance to compare the MG12s to the MMGs? Are the MG12s worth twice as much $$?

I've heard both and currently own the mg12's. It's not a matter of which is better. Rather, your question should be which will be a better fit for your listening room...bigger room? go with the mg12's. smaller room? go with the mmg's.
bigger and smaller room is so relative though. my room is 13'8'' x 11'3'' carpeted and one side is open to a balcony. will i get much more bass with the MG12s vs the MMGs? i will be using a sub and more than likely crossing over at 80Hz.
Fishcall...Interesting that you mention stands for Maggies. Most people think they are too tall already! I do not currently use stands, but I have experimented in the past, and I think stands are good. Actually, I prefer to suspend speakers in space by chains from the ceiling, but this is not usually possible.

When I went shopping for my current Maggies, the only other model I listened to was the 3.6. I liked the 1.6 just as well, and they are a lot cheaper, especially when you are buying three.

Over time I have gone to more and more powerful amps. I presently use three CarverPro ZR 1600 amps (600 watts/channel at 4 ohms) each driving a Maggie and its associated subwoofer. These amps cost only about $840, so the high power is very affordable.

If your Left and Right speakers are Maggies, the center should be also. My Maggie system is for music so I don't have to worry about blocking a video screen.